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What are folk doing with the Future Stars tokens? 


I don't think Gallagher will make my main 11, unless someone tells me he'll be better than Blue Foden or Gold Kante. 


So then I could gamble on the pick. But I packed Bellingham, so I've had the best from week 1 already. 


Other option is all the packs. 


Fifa is normally all about the gamble and massive let down. But head says this time take the packs for fodder!! 


Team for reference! 



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I’ve done the 85+ x10, and will probably do the other packs. I’ll open the 85+ later when they add the last set to team 2. I bought the 25k pack and got Navas, so made the money back straight away.


Since TOTY, it’s started to feel a bit pointless. Didn’t bother with the weekend league, and I’m hoping I’m starting to lose interest. It doesn’t really feel like it’s worth the necessary time investment.

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21 minutes ago, klargon said:

Got to be happy with that!

100% - way better than expected and way better than most people will get from these packs.  Gill, Raspadori and Daka all look very useable! 

i did. fancy the Player Pick but not for 25 tokens. And the FS pack (non-pick) was too much of a gamble for me. 

at least talking the fodder packs means you’re left with crap you can throw in an SBC at the very least. 

imaging doing the pick and getting the choice of Gakpo, Botman and Tomiyasu! 

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This is where I'm at with my Liverpool team. I'm all in now too, having pumped all my good stuff into Dalglish. There were some insane players too, FB Varane, OP Fekir, FB Benzema, Cordoba amongst them, but hey - aside from the big number on the front of them, they're useless to me now.


As for how the team plays, it's a total glass cannon. Gerrard and Barnes aren't the best defensively, so to maximise their strengths I need to get them involved going forward, which has led to a faster game plan that looks to have the wingbacks overlapping and creating overloads all over the pitch. The CBs are just about good enough to cope with this, but Dudek is a bit shit and lets me down a lot. Litmanen is just a placeholder until I get Dalglish, but he's a lot better than he should be. Suarez is fantastic as well, I had prime Owen but he's not as good as in previous years, I think his workrates let him down, and he can't pass at all.


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Yeah, look at it this way. If the flashback was his normal card, and they released his gold as an SBC, people would be going crazy for it.


Weak foot boost to 5*! +8 composure! Huge passing boost! What a card etc etc. All about the hype.


The only chem that makes sense for the new card is deadeye, which makes him a slower Neymar with slightly better shooting and a 4* weak foot. The boosts to his stamina and balance are nice but there's no way it's a better card in a million years.

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So I did all the reunion player picks...


-First one, last week I got Barella, very happy. Love that guy.


-Second one Ruben Dias or Rodrygo, happy days, needed a prem CB and just got Best for RW so went with Ruben.


-Third one... Barella and tat, took the duplicate to put back in for a final spin.


-Fourth one...Barella. 😒

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