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12 minutes ago, carlospie said:

I can assure you he's beaten me to a living pulp many times on fut champs , seconded only to the great R9


Cheers, might take the plunge so. The gameplay the last week or so has been shocking, with player switching and pass directions going arseways, players glitching through tackles, occasional super heroic goalies saving everything, successful tackles going right back to the attacker. It makes enjoying the game difficult even though I'm still getting wins. Hopefully this last hurrah will bring back the fun factor.

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Doesn’t look worth it to me. Seems like there are fairly limited options and none of them really the kind of player that can improve the majority of teams at this stage. I figure it’s deliberately confusing so people just go ‘fuck it’ without really knowing what the prize options are :lol: 

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So I went with base Maradona in the end as he had a bit more pace and stamina. I can report that carlospie is correct, this card is hilariously OP.

If I think back to my team last year, this card is a combination of the passing accuracy of moments Paul Scholes, combined with the nimble trickery and finishing of moments Hugo Sanchez. He's simply unstoppable. I don't do skills moves and can still weave around and get into shooting positions even against kimpembe.

Played three games last night after buying him

First game - two goals and an assist

Second game - one goal and one assist

Third game - hatrick



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I've ditched Konate, he's pretty great but there isn't enough between him and Kimpembe to justify ditching Donnarumma. Looking at my options for late game CBs that will work with Varane and Donnarumma, I think Maldini might be my best bet, so I'll try to get his SBC done. Has anyone tried him yet?

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