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3 hours ago, AlfromSleep said:

I’ve been looking at more icons, 90 Crespo looks like a good fit for how I play and well within my budget. Any thoughts on him?

Would be careful around certain off-meta Prime icons. They are not long in packs and are probably due some downwards price movement in the next 2-3 weeks. Check his mid which is only 150k approx. The Prime doesn’t look 450k or so more to me. 

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I was 6-1 in the playoffs but lost the last three. Rewards were rubbish as usual but glad to have finals access ready for when I fancy it. Going to give this weekend a miss, only Kante would improve what I have so will likely see what comes in the next totw. 

Scored a nice goal in the playoffs too, Chiesa ducks at the right time 


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Never mind the below! Sniper the new savanier for 82000!


Right FIFA chums, next dillema. 442 is th formation. Do we go to another icon up top to keep Larsson company and sack of eduord who moves like a tank, or an icon at cm? I know some recommended veron would he do a job at cm?


I could even get a new cm and play fekir as a striker I guess


Areola is a beast keeper btw.






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Your aversion to having any sort of defence is admirable.

Fekir is in no way a CM in a 2 man midfield, ESPECIALLY when you only have 80 defence stats, H/H workrates Tchuawhatshischops next to him.


Play Fekir up top next to Larsson, get a better CDM to sit next to Tchu.

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