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This might be straying into Conspiracy Theory territory here but i have often thought wondered what would stop EA setting up a series of FIFA accounts that were programmed specifically to ensure the bid price of cards was either driven up or brilliant cards were unable to sell for absolute min price? The goal being to ensure players are forced to give up plenty of coins even when they could potentially pick a card up for a fraction of its normal market rate.


For example, Steely puts Henrik Larsson on the market at the minimum bid price for an icon. It just so happens that I am the only person looking at the card as the timer approaches 0. I then acquire the icon for that min price. So many times when bidding on a player I have thought how simple this would be for EA to implement. Ensure coins get sucked from players even in situations where they might be able to get an exceptional card for a stupidly low cost. 


Too much?



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2 minutes ago, Pants McSkill said:

It'd be far easier to just take them out of packs for a while. Lack of supply would naturally drive up prices.


They already do that, especially with mine. Anything over 84 has been removed.

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The icon card is a poor example. I meant them having a system that runs permanently and basically ensures no player is able to acquire cards for really low prices. If if it thinks this will happen during an auction then the systems intervenes and puts a bid in. If it wins the card just goes back into circulation at a more market reflective starting price. 


I appreciate I am taking this a bit far but given the buckets of money EA make from UT it feels like something they want to protect anyway they could.

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3 minutes ago, MardiganX said:

... basically ensures no player is able to acquire cards for really low prices.


Well, they could still do that with the supply at source.

And the term 'really low prices' is only what the market deems it to be. Which can be controlled by EA at source.


To have a thriving market - that's millions of players all taking part - you need them to feel like they can 'win' at the system. A player has to get a bargain every now and then to keep coming back. And the more they come back, the more of their own coins they spend.

Plus, for every person getting a bargain, there's one person losing out. In any economy, virtual or real, it's always lopsided - there are more losers than winners.

So in EA's case, that's more players being bad a trading, and losing coins, than those who are good. And those who are bad are more likely to buy packs with real world money.


It's in their best interests for a small percentage to win big, because the majority percentage lose bigger.




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2 minutes ago, LiMuBai said:

When do the TOTW cards get reset?


6pm I think.


2 minutes ago, humdrum said:

I haven't managed mine yet as the two players i brought to complete the prem MM have disappeared. hoping they will show up on the console later and I have not just lost them.


On the Web App, go to 'Home' and you should have 'unassigned items' at the top.

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Really struggling for consistency the past few days, a clean sheet has become akin to more satisfying than a victory. I finally won the Division 4 title at the fourth match of asking (needed three points from 4 games). Consistently getting done for pace at the back and CDMs not staying back. Just splurged on Dani Alves and immediately won 3-0. Coincidence? Probably :P


Also had an annoying bug where I'd gotten to the final of the weekend league qualifying yday, so turned it on today to play the final and I was back in Round 1. Wtf?

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8 hours ago, Jamin said:

From my MM packs I got absolutely sod all. 







Infact best of all was a bronze Panathinaikos player that I sold for 8k :lol:


2 hours ago, Mitchell said:


I got this cunt.




I hate you all.





Pffft... I opened my MM rewards this evening, along with 3 other packs - a league SBC reward and a couple of Bronze upgrades.

My best was Phil Jones.


In fact, scratch that. In one of the packs, I got a gold contract pack, which in turn gave me two squad fitness cards, which go for 800 each - so 1600 total.


In terms of straight coins, THAT was my best pull.

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7 hours ago, gooner4life said:

Some French guy I battered on the weekend league on fifa17 asks me to login to his account and qualify him for the WL every now and then.


Today he sent me a code for 1050 Fifa points as a thank you, pulled Salah and Bakayoko! 




You are like my mate, get all the lucky pulls!


He pulled a OTW Salah when he was out.


Do you slap your pad with your penis too?

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It's a good job I'm away this weekend so I'm not raging - was 3-0 up in the final of qualifying last night when the EA servers decided to disconnect, when I restarted I found the game had awarded the other guy the win and I was back to square one.


Also had the PS blue screen error during a match the other night and was also told it was my fault when I reconnected. What a joke.


Did have an amusing rage quit last night - I was 3-0 down to some guy after about 20mins, him dabbing after every goal. I then somehow scored four goals - all before half time (clearly we've both mastered defending :P), so thought I'd return the dabbing favour. As the fourth one went in and I got my dab on, it was clearly too much - instaquit. He must have yanked the cable out or something such was the quick reactions of the message popping up :lol:.  

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Tried online again last night, won 2 of 5 games.


I fucking hate the defending in this game so much. One game the guys managed to rather simply bowl up to my goal and score with hardly any interference from my players.


The "defenders", rather than go in for the ball all decided it would be better to pull right back as the player approached and pretty much end up in the 6 yard box. The AI is shocking when they are your players, even though I've selected aggressive tackling, they don't even do it softly!


I'll continue on and learn, but the players I was against knew all the fancy moves to spin and twist around the ball. Need to git gud.

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I had a bit of a rage last night. I was 2-0 and cruising, and my opponent couldn't get near me. So he just starts hitting long rangers. I see this so I'm trying to stop him but he's hitting them off balance and with the player's weaker foot so there's not a lot I can do. Naturally they're all on target. So he wins three corners this way and scores with them all to go 3-2 up. I'm fuming but I manage to regain some composure and send Reus clean through in the 85th minute. I'm pretty good at 1v1s so I'm already celebrating in my head. Anyway, his Varane comes across and takes Reus clean out. The ball falls to Werner who is clean through and certain to score but the ref stops play to red card Varane and I get a useless free kick some way out. He gets the ball back and passes around his back line until full time. 

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Bellerin is brilliant in this. Stuck a sentinel chem style on him to boost the defending and physical but it’s his ability to go forward that is so great. 


Ive just been able to run right through midfields with him to create chances and even with 51 shooting has managed a fair few goals. Definitely my best untradable!


Cant get on much this weekend so getting stuck into squad battles instead of the frustration of daily KO tournaments. Aiming for elite 2, have managed to get the better of legendary again so just need to keep that up!

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