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The Humble Thread


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6 awesome games for the price of a sandwich:) PC gaming is amazing. I wonder how long it'll be before this kind of stuff is easily available to casual living room players? Surely at some point the bottom's going to drop out of the £40 console game market?

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one of the best Humble Bundles yet. i reckon that's probably three AAA games (Guacamelee, The Swapper, and Monaco) and the others are highly-regarded too. Guacamelee is great breezy fun, with a fantastic soundtrack. even without the gameplay, you could just wander around drinking in the art and the music. The Swapper is fantastic, a puzzler with a very well-judged difficulty curve, a unique and beautiful art style, and an old-school intelligent sci-fi story. speaking of which,

By contrast, I was really disappointed by The Swapper - it was just too dry and drab for me to get engaged with the puzzling.

this is a very odd criticism, albeit from a man who is not afraid to hold a wrong opinion (something i most certainly respect.) The Swapper is bleak and disturbing, certainly. it creates an air of detachment, and the creeping feeling that what you're having to do to complete the puzzles is very wrong. i think in order for you to see it as just dry and drab you may not have played it for very long, or that it's just missed it's mark with you. i think for most people it will get under the skin, which seems to be born out by the general response to it. in my opinion, people should be buying the Bundle for The Swapper alone, even if they own all the other games.
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Went for the full thing too despite not being bothered about the extra games, so up for grabs we have:



I'd almost definitely play antichamber for an hour or so at some point before the end of time if you fancied sending it my way. Only almost definitely though so if someone else wants it then ignore me!

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And what's the deal with people giving some games away? What are they giving, the steam codes?

Sort of, you have to do a gift link from the humble store rather than being given direct access to the steam codes these daya (due to idiots bulk buying and reselling the games) but it amounts to the same thing.

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281 games in my library and 99 installed. I honestly was looking at a One or a PS4 before Christmas but now, due to the consoles price - and massive lack of titles (and the price of the games), I don't give a flying fuck about them any more.

The best thing to come out of the console market in recent years is the standardization* of the 360 controller for PC games.

Most of mine are from Steam Sales and Humbles, the only bone (sic) I have to pick with Humble is that its a hassle buying an entire Bundle for another person - every week I buy three Bundles, one for me and two for my kids, and its a bit of a mess about sending all the individual links to both of them when i would much rather just buy it and send a single code or link.

But that aside, Steam and Humble are the two best things to happen to gaming in quite some time.

*US spelling check suckz

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