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The Humble Thread


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New Humble Bundle. A MUST if you've not played To The Moon!

Pay what you want for:

To The Moon

Joe Danger 2

Papo & Yo

Runner 2

Beat the average to also get:


Surgeon Simulator 2013

Three more games are available and unlocked if you paid more than the average. Insane value:


Strike Suit Zero

Toki Tori 2+

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Three more games are available and unlocked if you paid more than the average. Insane value:


Strike Suit Zero

Toki Tori 2+

Ooh, almost bought that during the Steam Sale, glad I waited :)

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New humble weekly bundle is from Bohemia interactive.

Pay what you want for:

  • Arma II
  • Take On Helicopters
  • UFO: Afterlight
  • Alpha Prime
  • ARMA: Gold Edition
  • ARMA Tactics

Pay $6 or more to also get:

  • Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
  • ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead
  • ARMA II: DayZ Mod (free of course, but they included it in the bundle anyway)
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Whats the deal with the DayZ mod now then? Is it completely surpassed by the standalone version or still worth having a crack at it?

This (from the Day Z thread) sums it all up quite nicely.

Go with standalone over mod, the mod will just fry your brain now, there are a million servers all with different features and loads of them are completely OTT now.

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Rogue-like humble weekly sale!

Paranautical Acitivity (Early Access)

Dungeons of Dredmor Complete

Hack, Slash, Loot

Pay $6 or more for:

Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb

Teleglitch: Die More Edition Guns And Tunes

Sword of The Stars: The Pit Gold Edition

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Just a run down for those on the fence.

Dungeons of Dreadmoor: Classic move based Rogue-Like with *so* much content, brilliant game, lots of variety with the opening abilities. Something like 30 different skill trees you start with, out of which you can mix and match 6 of those - so if you randomize you're going to have a fairly unique character every time. Lots of thinking, lots of placing traps and a deep crafting system that you don't even have to get into if you don't want. The skills really do make it so you can play it your way, you can stealthily summon minions or berserk attack everything straight on, a lot depends on you

Paranautical Activity: Randomly generated FPS, taking many things from Doom and Binding of Isaac, solid enough but the main draw for me is that almost limitless Co-op that's in development for it.

Hack, Slash, Loot: Haven't played much but it's move based RL like Dredmoore, it's miniature, no bloat here - everything is simplified to it's core. It thrusts you into a randomized quest/story and seems quite charming. Think it's designed to be played in the corner of your monitor whilst you do other stuff - haven't got through a full quest yet but I don't *think* it'll eat your life away. Be warned it does expect you to know a bit of the genre beforehand.


Binding of Isaac: Randomly generated top down shooter which is deceptively easy to play. I've put a 100+ hours in it and is definitely one of my favorite games. The main hook is that with every item you pick up changes your appearance and usually have an effect on your "tears". Fucked up, deep storyline (which is told mostly through completing) and just an amazing, inspiring game in general.

Teleglitch: Horror themed randomly generated top down shooter, has terrifying audio which creates a nice atmosphere. Really works nicely, the low-fi graphics actually are a bonus, there's something scary about not knowing quite what something is, hearing it scream as it comes after you. It's good, a little Aliens inspired maybe? Still worth a try.

Sword of the Stars (The Pit): Like Dredmoor but set in the future. Played it back when it was first released and it was good but it seemed a little too easy at the beginning to the middle and then suddenly ramp up to impossible. I haven't played it for a while but they've been constantly updating it so I expect to be a much, much better game now.

Verdict: Go buy you Muppet! :)

It works out for about the same as a large coffee from Starbucks, 6 great games with potentially hundreds of hours of fun!

You've got until 7PM Wednesday.


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