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The Humble Thread


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thieved from this tweet:

Absolutely stellar month - Golf With Your Friends, Forager, Catherine. and Evoland are great, and I'd love to have a go on Yooka-Laylee and Lethal League Blaze as well.

Unfortunately, I know those four are great because I already have them, and I got Yooka-Laylee on EGS for free, so I'm skipping this month. If anybody has a spare key going for Lethal League, however, I'd appreciate it :eyebrows:

EDIT: @bradigor got there before me. I would, however, love a copy of Lethal League Blaze!

EDIT: Now got the key, big love! <3

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I'm a little confused as to how this works.

I took out a month-to-month sub which started on the 8th of August and renews automatically on the 25th of September.

However, all of September's choices are locked and it says I have to pay £9.66 to unlock them. Surely they should be available already or do I have to wait for 25th of September to get them?

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It's a kind of weird hangover from when most of the games weren't revealed until the end of the month so it made sense not to charge you until they were.


Now they don't hide games at all, but I guess they didn't want to charge people twice in quick succession so didn't move the payment date forward.


On the plus side, not charging early means you can see the games before hitting that pause button.

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I know it's not videogames, but you currently get around 30 RA Salvatore books for just over £11.

The Drizzt books are great fantasy books (they're all here apart from the first six) and the Cleric Quintet is solid, too.

Also Salvatore wrote that Reckoning game that is being remastered, so technically I guess it is okay to bump.

The only downside is I've converted them to the correct file for Amazon to read but it doesn't show the book's cover, just naff text.

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I've just received an email with this offer in:


"Save big on a Premium Month-to-Month plan"


"Sign up by November 6th and pay only a month for the next 6 months. Pick games every month that you get to keep forever!"


I'm sceptical that I am interpreting this incorrectly but that reads to me like I buy one month and get 5 free? Either a mistake or they are getting incredibly desperate or they know their upcoming offerings are extremely poor quality.


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32 minutes ago, klargon said:

"pay only a month" reads poorly to me - it seems there's supposed to be a figure in there, like "pay only £8.99 a month" or something.

Agreed, seems like a mistake in their email as the offer online says £8.99 a month for humble choice premium. Someone has incorrectly assigned the 'price' variable in the code and not noticed.

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There are a few good offers in the Indie Mega Week sale:


Katana Zero: £5.12 (55% off)

Enter The Gungeon: £5.49 (50% off)

The Messenger: £3.09 (80% off)

Hotline Miami: £1.74 (75% off)

Hotline Miami 2 - Wrong Number: £2.99 (75% off)


and more. Offers end at 6pm on the 22nd.



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Bit of a long shot this, but I don't suppose anyone has an unclaimed Supraland from June's Choice selection that they don't want? I just realised I had paused my subscription that month.


I've a fair amount of unclaimed stuff I could trade for it from other bundles over the years.

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The Sweet Farm Fall bundle looks pretty interesting; it's available until 7pm on December 1st. SUPERHOT and Moonlighter are both pretty fun, at least. :) 



Out There: Ω Edition

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove


PAY MORE THAN THE AVERAGE OF at the time of posting £5.19 TO ALSO UNLOCK!


Chuchel: Cherry Edition



A Hat in Time
Coffee Talk
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War
Necronator: Dead Wrong




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I've got a few too. PM if you want any of:


Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

BioShock™ Remastered



Eastside Hockey Manager

Kerbal Space Program (Fuck me I actually bought this recently without realising I had this key sitting there)



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