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The Humble Thread


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Sadly, for my tastes that's another terrible month. I've played Gris (didn't enjoy it) and own Bards Tale and have no interest in the rest. I'm not too bothered about the cost, but I do think getting an annual subscription was a bad move. I'm very grateful they do let you keep pausing though - that's my 4th month in a row.


I wonder if the bonus game for those making choices this month is as a result of a drop in numbers over the months?

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So, finally, after 5 pauses, I think I'll actually pick something from this month's bundle. It's still not great, but hey, as I'm on the annual deal I may as well make use of it.


If I can be bothered I may look through all the various keys I have and don't want at some point. Maybe.

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@Uzi Yes, it just extends the end date for another month. I think the offerings were better (very subjective, I know) prior to the change, so I'm very appreciative of the fact that they let you pause without losing anything.

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If you're a fan of racers, there's a Codies bundle available until 7pm on July 2nd. :) 



GRID Autosport

Toybox Turbos

Overlord II

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising


PAY MORE THAN THE AVERAGE OF at the time of posting £4.37 TO ALSO UNLOCK!
F1 2018

F1 2018 Headline Content Pack DLC

Dirt Rally

Dirt 4

Dirt 4 DLC: Team Booster Pack

Dirt 4 DLC: Hyundai R5 Rally Car


F1 2019

Dirt Rally 2.0




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Yuppie Psycho and Verlet Swing might keep me away from the pause button this time around. Yuppie Psycho is like a tenner alone even with the Steam Sale discount.

Obligatory 'Void Bastards is pretty good' comment, but you can get that from Game Pass, so fair play to anyone skipping this month.

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Pretty meh for me this month, the only thing I'm half interested in is Raolway Empire, but not enough to stop me from pausing again. 


If anybody missed one of last months games and wants to swap for Railway Empire, PM me. :)

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Pay £1 or more to unlock!

Batman: The Enemy Within - The Telltale Series
The Walking Dead - Season 1
The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Beat the average to also unlock!

The Wolf Among Us
Batman - The Enemy Within Shadows Mode
The Walking Dead: Michonne
The Walking Dead - Season 2

Pay £12 or more to also unlock!

Heaven's Vault
Batman - The Telltale Series
Batman - The Telltale Series Shadows Mode
The Walking Dead: The Final Season
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier


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Oxenfree and Heaven's Vault are both brilliant, and justify both bottom and top tiers alone. The Wolf Among Us also happens to be the second-best Telltale adventure (after Tales from the Borderlands), so is a nice extra. Definitely a worthwhile bundle at any level.


The other Telltale games are fine, I guess.

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2 hours ago, Gwangi said:

Anyone want to refer me to humble choice? Not decided to sign up yet but if I do you’ll get £6.50.


edit: Removed. Please use the one below for referrals.


That works for more than one person btw.   If anyone fancies sticking a referral code in here I'm happy to remove mine after Gwangi uses it

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