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The Humble Thread


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New bundle: Humble Jumbo Bundle.

Games for $1:

Natural Selection 2

Sanctum 2

Magicka + DLC

Beat the average (currently $4) for:

Orcs Must Die! 2: Complete Pack

Garry's Mod

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Humble have added the following games to the above bundle which will unlock if you paid more than the average or you can add more funds to meet the average to unlock:

Cities in Motion 2

Orcs Must Die! Game of the Year

Sanctum: Collection

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Played through Little Inferno from the current bundle earlier on my Nexus 7 whilst some Christmas telly was on, thought it was a fantastic piece of satire that also works (frighteningly) well as a game - it's essentially mocking you as you play it, but it's so compelling that you can't stop. Thought the conclusion may have been a little better but the way it's all wrapped up together as a comment on modern gaming, an addictive puzzle/mindless physics game as well as moving you along with a narrative is fantastically done.

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Seems to be the last day of the Humble Store winter sale, the best-selling games are down in price again. Basically the same stuff that's been on sale on steam, but a bit cheaper due to the $ prices. Also I don't believe EUIV has been anywhere near that cheap on steam yet.

Some noteworthy games in the sale include

Europa Universalis IV $10

Gone Home $6.8

Dust: An Elysian Tail $3.75

Don't Starve $5

Shadow Warrior $10

Papers, Please $5

Guacamelee $3.75

Monaco $3

Rogue Legacy $5

Euro Truck Sim 2 $6.24

Grimrock $3.75

Kentucky Route Zero $12.5


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