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After reading about it in Edge, I'm well up for this game.. Does anyone have any info? STuff like track listings would be good!

Eye Toy is the game of the moment, I'm constantly putting on post pub gaming sessions with friends, and everyone, EVERYONE loves it!

So, if you have any info on Sing Star, please spill it!

What sort fo tracks would you want?

I'm going for the classics one, As long as it has Some POlice, Duran Duran and MAdness tunes i'll be happy (although I'd imagine they will be SOny artists only)

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I played it till 4 last night. It is the best game I've played since PGR2 and twice as interesting.

I can't be fucked to write out a track listing but suffice to say, the songs that are the most fun to sing are not the ones you would expect. We were getting amazingly competetive on a Westlife song last night.

The wierd thing is - IT TEACHES YOU HOW TO SING! You don't even notice it's happening.

A truely amazing piece of software. I'm smitten.

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