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League Cup - Season 32

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Since your message I've made plans to go out now, tonight. The alternative of lurking in threads waiting for a possible 'yay' from you just didn't seem appealing.

I had planned to stay in tonight and get this played, so I could trade my Xbox and what not in tomorrow. An Xbox might I add that's decreasing in value by the minute and with every post of 'I'll post up some time slots'. Not that I'm having a dig at your fixture arranging skills for this one. God forbid!

Yes I can play tomorrow night from about 7pm onwards, I was planning on sitting by the Xbox 24/7 tomorrow waiting on the word from you, but I'm at the football tomorrow afternoon, so unfortunately I can't. If you can play after 7pm tomorrow that would be great, hopefully we can agree a time in advance.

Failing that I can play on Sunday afternoon.

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Erm, "decreasing" in value? No, no, no. Need I remind you the LAST ever match of real consequence to played in the rllmuk online football league Xbox era will be played out on our two consoles. These babies are only going one way price wise, and that's up.

Can do Saturday lunch (dunno what time you're leaving for footy) or around 9:30/10 ish tomorrow night.

PS "yay"', I'm around from now too.

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Dunny took the cup in comfortable fashion on a horrible night in Germany.

4-1 which could easily of been more, I didn't really get going and can have no complaints. Well played mate.

To make matters far, far worse winko was in our party too. A thoroughly unpleasant nights work really.

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