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League Cup - Season 32

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MardiganX post-18649-0-41228700-1385458433.jpg 2 - 2 post-18649-0-26444000-1385458444.jpg Greeny

Greeny post-18649-0-26444000-1385458444.jpg 0 - 7 post-18649-0-41228700-1385458433.jpg MardiganX

The first was the best game I've had on FIFA 14, mostly because of the end.

Spurs set up defensively in the first game and it initially worked very well, Spurs had a few early chances and after Cech parried a close range header the ball took the most ridiculous bounce off John Terry for 1-0 Tottenham. They continued to be on top for the first half but couldn't add to their lead. Chelsea brought as Schurrle on at half time and pressed immediately, almost instantaneously drawing the game level with Terry cancelling out his own goal.

Chelsea continued to press hard and got their reward on 90 minutes when Schurrle got ahead of the last man down the left and scored low into the corner from 20 yards. I'm sure we both thought that was that, but Townsend ran the ball into the corner and managed to pass inside to Sigurdsson who inexplicably got a shot away from between 4 defenders to level with practically the last kick.

Amazing end to a really great match.

Less said about the second the better for me. I moved to an attacking formation, but then so did Mardigan. Completely destroyed me from the first minute. Got my act together and had a great chance at 6-0, and then Mardigan made it 7... Haha.

Great games dude, good luck for the rest of the cup.

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Sith 2-2 Timmo

Timmo 0-2 Sith

I was so bad in these! To the extent that I can't even moan about the corner goals which I'm finding a nightmare still. Apparently EA have patched them though. The other day I conceded three in one match, which were the guy's only shots!

Well played Sith, thought I edged and maybe deserved to take the first but you deserved the second.

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Scooot, Manic - did you get this tie played?


fuck me sideways, totally forgot i had this :lol: had other things on mah mind and i am really sorry chap, was on most of lastnite too and looks like its to late :(

free from 9 tonite, if thats any good?

Can get on late tonight - 10:30/11 ish if we're able to get an extension and you can make it?

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Apologies Gents,

Ties not played:

Gingerling Vs. Stephen129 - Stephen takes this as Gingerling drops out due to finding a pirate copy of FIFA or summing...

Scooot Vs. Manic - Manic takes by default as Scooot becomes embroiled in Black Friday. ;)

Website has already been updated and Quarter finals are now live;


Quarter finals are now live: Deadline 22/12/13

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