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Everybody's Golf Vita Knockout tournament - Onto the Quarters!


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Will do when I get in from work!

What course are we doing if you've not got that one?

Oh, I thought if you invited me and I didn't have it, it might circumvent the issue...probably not!

I've got Maple, Kagurayama, and Harvest Hills. So Harvest Hills then!

How do I unlock Al Arabian, out of interest?

I think you can play whatever course you like as long as the host/inviting player has unlocked it.

Cool well give that a go first then Scratch, and Harvest if not. Cheers Yobo.

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I've sentburntoutbanger a friends request, so we should get started soon.

I played a round last night on Al Arabian not using spin. Was -7 at one point but then hit bogey, double bogey, bogey on the back 9. Really tough if you get out of position on that stretch of holes...

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I chose hole shuffle because it makes it harder to get into your natural rhythm. As someone who plays with blue spin on basically every shot I always find no spin really tough, you can't get yourself out of bad spots as easily.

Also, if you don't have the course, one of the DLC courses is kind of tough and might make a nice change.

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After handicaps I won by one stroke but was just interested to see how it would pan out for future reference. Also up for a league btw :)

Now then, to whom do I lose to in top 8... [edit] ox1973! Send me a friend request (strawdonkey) and we'll get started tonight :)

I've set up the match and sent out an invite. Ready to go whenever you are :-)

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Uto: Sure, gimmie a min. Over 18 holes for each course in ascending order: -4 / -4 / +1 / +4 / +11 / NA.


Spleen, something awful just happened. After hitting a few shots - poor ones - my Vita crashed and told me to report it to sony. Then I got a black screen with what looked like Bios options for the Vita itself. After getting through that and reloading, the match has been cancelled? Feel free to take the win since it's my issue, but let's start up another match for funzies regardless.

Edit: Oh, hey! Yobo! just got your message added to the friend request - sure thing, man! Just start up a match and I'll be happy to play pretty much any time!

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Just finished my matchup with Ferryman. I got off to a flyer, and unfortunately he triple bogeyed a hole on the front nine so I was I control for most of the match. He came back strong though and played some lovely stuff on the last 4 or 5 holes and was a bit unlucky not to get a lower score. I had a massive bit of luck where my ball bounced off a rock twice and then rolled up to the side of the hole. -7 is my best score on this course, so happy to do it in a tourney. Cheers for the games.

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Mitchell's disappeared, only got a couple of hrs to take his turn. It's been such a close enjoyable match (only four holes remaining) can we just set up another game for the remaining holes?

I would hate to go through without finishing the full 18..

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Ox -5

strawdonkey +1

Was pretty level pegging until a double bogey for me on our 11th hole let Ox pull away. Last hole was hole-in-one or bust for me so had to risk a shortcut, which didn't work out either leading to a second double. [edit] turns out it was Eagle or bust, I had misremembered Ox's handicap.

Very well deserved win for Ox, he was solid for the entire round.

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