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EDGE #260 - Xbox One VS PS4 Verdict

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"20 best games of our lifetime" - that they put together while drunk and lolling.

20 - World of Warcraft

19 - Marjoa's Mask

18 - Vice City

17 - Chrono Trigger

16 - Portal

15 - Red Dead Redemption

14 - Bioshock

13 - Ico

12 - The Last of Us

11- Dark Souls

10 - Super Mario Galaxy

9 - Metal Gear Solid

8 - Shadow of the Colossus

7 - Goldeneye

6 - Halo

5 - RE4

4 - Final Fantasy VII

3 - Half Life 2

2 - Super Mario 64

1 - Ocarina of Time

Edge 10's not featured in their list:

Halo 3

Gran Turismo


Little Big Planet


Rock Band 3

Skyward Sword

- Edge 10's mean nothing/are wrong?


What's extra funny about their list is that had this been the staff as of 10-15 years ago they would likely have mentioned a load of car games instead.

The list is made up of reader votes, it's not a list from the Edge staff.
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How long has EDGE had to delve into these systems?

Exactly, don't the majority of these magazines still get written about 3 months in advance? I suppose that must have changed now but still. Also, isn't this the December issue now? It's just ridiculous. I subscribed recently because I do enjoy having it to read and the physical mag takes me back to the 90's which is nice for big launch nostalgia but I really can't take it that seriously.

The machines have probably only been finished quite recently and I doubt there are any with final software on either. It's a fluff/filler piece I'm sure. I know I'll enjoy reading it though.

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Just to clarify for anyone who is puzzled by the lack of Edge 10's in the Top 20 games list... the list is compiled from reader's choices, rather than the magazine itself.

Thanks for the clarification. Negged the OP.

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I had no idea this console launch/war was going to be so interesting. I still cannot believe how much MS has fucked things up. Sony gave them a perfect demonstration of what not to do with the PS3 and somehow MS have treated that debacle as an instruction manual whilst adding some uniquely disastrous twists of their own.

I think it's created quite a tricky situation for the gaming media. In the long run the worst thing that could happen to them is one console thrashes the other: they'll be less to write about and less free booze.

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Very interesting on the controller win going to the XBone. Think I'll buy the magazine this month to see the justification for that.

Yeah, I'm interested to find out more about this, especially as all feedback I've seen says both are good (no DS3 scenario in sight) but the DS4 generally being given the nod.

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so - nothing from before the N64/PS1 era... erm... really?

How old were the people writing this article?

scott, I have this strange sensation, not entirely sure where I'm getting it from, that this list isn't by the EDGE writing staff but some members of the public that filled in the form. I'm assuming that's why it's 'a generation' rather than ever.

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The face-off article is the worst kind of shit. The entire hardware comparison is judged on chassis aesthetics.

The winner is PS4 based on its rhomboid profile (it isn't a rhombus you fucking idiots) and the blue light. No mention of specs (you know "hardware") that I can find. It's like a Marie-Claire article. I fucking kid you not. Jesus Edge, what have you become?

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I think Edge gave the first Wii Party a similar score, so it's all good. It essentially is a rubbish game anyway, it just also happens to be absolutely excellent. Of course, I enjoy all manner of mundane old shite as long as there's a gently competitive local multiplayer element: I still play Wheel of Fortune on the Wii quite often and an emulated genesis version of Jeopardy which must have been genuinely awful even then.

You can knit in Wii Party U. And there's a sort of Screwball Scramble bit. And cheeseburgers. What's not to like?

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