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FTL S6 Southern League


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I can do this evening at about 6:30?

Fancy playing them on PS4? Neither of us can win the league so I doubt anyone cares.

Roca, I'm about all evening if you wanna play tonight.

Roca and Timmo - I have today off work if any point today is good?

Sorry guys, I'm not going to be able to get on until Wednesday. Totally my fault these haven't got played. Up to Wincho whether he's happy to extend or dish out punishment. Just been mega busy lately!

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Timmo 4 - 3 tomakasatnav

Back and forth game, with a disastrous ending for Arsenal. Less said, the better.

tomakasatnav 3 - 1 Timmo

Am I right in saying no injuries Timmo?

Incredible goalkeeping in the first. Good games. No injuries.

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LJ 0 Manic 1

Manic 7 LJ 2

Game 1 saw me miss 4 sitters in the first 20 minutes, and carried on that way until 80 minutes too. I was sure I wasn't getting a goal, then Negredo popped up with a near post header to give me the solitary goal.

Game 2 quite the opposite, was 3 up inside 20 and sailing. LJ adopted the policy of seeing how many men he could beat with jinking runs. He was fairly successful, although every time I did get a tackle in I broke up the other end and scored. Lucky for LJ I'm so bad at tackling that this only happened 7 times. Otherwise I'd of murdered him.

Cheers mate, not sure if you were on mic but I couldn't hear shit through my headset?

Roca.....over to you! 4 wins for the title needed.

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Average of 2.3 goals for and just over a goal a game against....it's going to be tight!

I didn't want to have to get into this, but I feel Timmo and Tom have to know the kind of trash talking Roca was doing about their mama's when he and I played. Really not on.

He said they're both shite too.

I rallied to their support, naturally, but roca wouldn't have it. Kept going on about how he's got it in for them after we (me, Timmo and Tom - "the crew") did a number on him and Pompey in the last mafia scum game.

Let him have it brothers.......

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