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GTA V Race League

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Even though I was dreadful it was still good fun. I seem to be better with bikes. I think it's because they don't ping pong around like the cars always do if you crash.

Close last race on the bikes just pipped Saint to get 5th & I think I got a 6th the previous race.

See you all same time next week.

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I know there were a few people getting pissed off about other drivers firing weapons when they weren't supposed to on Wednesday night.

I hadn't encountered it until the Grand Tour race (the long one) when I i was getting shot to shit near the end. The driver behind (Baring maybe? can't remember) assured me it wasn't him. Then I noticed I had 3 or 4 wanted stars and a lot of police on my case after blasting rockets through a couple of their attempted road blocks). So does anyone think that the use of weapons some were complaining about was probably just the police shooting (do they shoot during races?), rather than anyone being a bit naughty? Or did anyone admit to it or get caught red handed?

I also noticed a definite change in the feel of the session compared to season 1. Seemed to be more aggressive tactics on display this week than previously. Didn't make it any less fun mind so thats not a whinge by me, the previous weeks just felt more errrm.. racey. Not that it matters since I don't need anyones help to fuck up my race, I can do that just fine on my own.

See you all next Wednesday.

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Yea I was being you Multi but I didn't shoot at all. It must have been the police, I do believe they shoot during races.

The police for those at the back is a nightmare, they pile up because of the guys from the front and it makes the track impossible to drive and catch up.

The police deliberately drive into you aswell which sucks.

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It was a proper fun night, shame it went so quickly. But credit to Saints organising and the servers running smooth.

I came 1st in the 1st race, my first ever win and podium :) then it went down hill.

Was something like 1st,6th,9th,6th,5th,3rd,6th,7th ish

Happy with 2 podiums though :)

Bring on next week!

I have my targets in sight *cough* Saint/Joffy *cough* I was being Mr Nice guy allll night long aswell.

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Not my fault!

I was doing all I could to avoid you in that bike race, but then we reached that bridge I was to your right and you closed the gap, forcing me to go wide and actually end up jumping over the ravine instead of going over the bridge. I guess you couldn't see me, but hand on heart it was a 'racing incident'.

Not that it should dissuade you from targeting me though :D

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I probably won't be able to join this week, so there goes any hope of keeping my lead. Bah!

Don't be so down, just think of the league it will give all the other players a chance to catch up and makes sure you don't run off with a Vettel style lead :)

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