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GTA V Race League

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't Was good fun in the end, yes. Though I got really fed up with SaintM intentionally hunting/ramming/shooting/killing me in the first three races, rendering my chances at the championship non-existent. It's all in the game, take it like a man - et cetera, but I don't expect this from the host. I try to be sporty about it but can't help feeling I was getting the full load while Pete was able to bag some good results (to his credit too, obviously)...

sixfeetpete and Muppet the Mad offered some comfort, though :)

My role as host has nothing to do with whether I'll take someone out. Whether they are in my range or not is the only decider on that front.

Nobody get's special treatment, you're all valid targets for the SaintM Pain Express *choo choo*

If Pete got off lightly, it's because he wasn't anywhere near me (experience may have made him wary).

I would like to dedicate all my race wins this season to my alter ego sixfeetpete.

Cheers for hosting Saint! We battled on even when you had me as a co-driver!

The main thing to take from that is that it was more successful that when Jamin was my co-driver.

We actually had some ground for a start.

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Final standings


Biggest movers


Tomox from 9th to 5th


Wallace from 3rd to 6th

Well done to Petey for the title win. With more wins and more second place finishes than anyone else, it was a Vettel-like season for the young Ox.

Second place for Unlucky Joe isn't a bad position given he only won three of the 32 races. Consistency helped him stay into contention until the last week.

The bronze goes to the under-the-radar performances of pinholestar. A steady performer, who didn't get caught up in too many dramas.

Cheers all!

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Ok, invites have been handed out to the 12 racers who did 3 or more weeks this season.

That leaves at least 4 spaces, which'll go to the guys who have asked about spaces over the season (I'll PM them shortly) and then to anyone else who wants in.

I've probably left it too late for starting the season tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes and if I get responses quickly enough then it may be ok.

A couple of changes we'll make this season:

No rally races - Just too much of a hassle to setup really.

No catch up - It sucks more when we have it on, so it's outta 'ere.

Random race locations - We'll vote on the track for each of the 8 races.

Alternate race type - Four GTA and four straight races. The vehicles will be whatever I fancy at the time (though audience participation on the choice is encouraged!)

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