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The Great Hip Hop Hoax

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I saw it at the Edinburgh Film Festival and the director (loved Sound it Out from her before) and Silibil. I had never heard of them either but my musician mate said he was friendly with him for a while back in the day and knew all about it. I thought the doc was okay but didn't have half the character or depth of Sound it Out.

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A mate of mine used to work in the same skate shop as the dude Sillibill round about the same time things all kicked off for them. I think I actually recounted the story in a post on Dizogg's Forum back in the day. Needless to say, it blew my mind to hear they'd made a documentary about it. Truth be told, I'd forgotten all about it. I just thought it was a local legendary story amongst us stoner hip-hop skate guys who were kicking around Dundee circa-2003. Couldn't believe it made a cinema run.

Ain't watched it yet. Waiting for said old mate coming back over to Scotland this weekend for a visit. We gon SMOKE and watch this.

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How much of a hoax was it though?...I mean they weren't fucking household names or owt.

Were they?


They came pretty close to making it big ( signed to Sony, well known music management team who gave them a £70k advance, supported D12 at Brixton, on MTV TRL mugging off Dave Berry)

Watch the doc and it all makes sense.

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