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SOMA - Are you ready to NOPE?


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And that's it done. 


Gosh... That was something else indeed... Just...I can't recommend it enough. It's terrifying and puts you on edge, but my... What a fantastic story with exemplary acting and sound design. Phenomenal stuff indeed. 



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I enjoyed this, not quite as overawed as some, but definitely worthy of people's time (especially as it's on PSNow).


Restarted halfway through on safe mode, because if there's somethingthing that harms a thoughtful, oppressive Sci-Fi horror it's having to repeat sections, run past all the environmental storytelling, or play on my phone whilst waiting for a monster to leave.


Also a few places turned into point & click pixel hunters. Needed more indication of interactivity on the PS4.


Spoilers thoughts


Absolutely loved the stormy deep sea runs, wonderfully oppressive, and whilst I saw the notes on the angler fish earlier it still got me.

Like others I enjoyed the lack of a final twist, although given Simon's experiences I'm surprised he thought being an brainscan prisoner for eternity was such a great idea.

That said, his utter idiocy at the end made me hate the guy. The concept isn't that hard to comprehend and he's had it explained to him a few times by then.

Also wish Alpha station was more developed. That whole killing Wau felt very underbaked.









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1 hour ago, carlospie said:

I never played this but I watched a story synopsis on YouTube the other day. It was three hours long, wow what a plot and story. Very intriguing and unique. I'd have been way too scared to play it!!


The non-scary mode is available on everything now. It's well worth experiencing for yourself! And, having watched a plot synopsis, I imagine it'll be easier for you to pick up on the nuances of the story, as well all as the foreshadowing, etc. I replayed it on the non-scary mode last year and it was still great. Not that long, either.

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Finally finished this, having abandoned it nearer release thanks to the extremely tedious monster bits. With safe mode patched in I was able to just enjoy the story.


And what a story! It does an brilliant job of exploring the practical and the ethical sides of digitising and uploading mind-states onto a computer, and sets it all in a suitably grim, haunted environment. Theres some brilliantly fucked up bits, like



when you upload your mind into a new, more resiliant body, and then have to choose whether to 'turn off' your previous self, in the knowledge that you were him just a few seconds ago.


and it manages to end in a genuinely bittersweet way. Bitter then sweet, in that order.


Fucking loved it, bravo.

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My word. Just met a robot stuck in a machine. Pleading me for help and telling me he was a human and had human hands. I pulled his power out and it's honestly the saddest gaming decision iv ever made. Had to walk away while they pleased me for help and i could hear them screaming as i did the next session.


It makes a real amazing point re what is humanity and ai consciousness. The man was telling me ' we tap out consciousness into the machine to do out jobs ' whilst my character tries to convince him he's a full robot.


Right in the feels. 

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42 minutes ago, carlospie said:

Yeh I have an immense fear of water sections created by Tomb raider games. Iv just got to Delta. It's so good. 


Iv turned combat off I imagine it's frustrating 

There’s no combat, just run-and-hide gameplay that has you evading the monsters. 

I will say - Soma is probably the best example of this kind of thing, in my experience - even scarier than Alien Isolation. The fail state is soft - you just wake up where you were, hurt and concussed, so quite low on frustration. 

It is very scary though! The bio-mechanical freaks that roam the halls and dank, dark, forgotten rooms of PATHOS 2 look and sound soul-destroying. 

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I think this is easily in my top 10 games of the past 10 years. The setting, the wider backstory that unfolds as you progress, the haunting philosophical implications and ideas that hang around in the back of your head far more threateningly than most of the creatures you encounter...


It's quite something that a game where


it's revealed just about everything living thing on Earth is dead, and then makes you pull the plug on the last living human being,

saves the biggest moral and psychological fuck-you for the very end.

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Oh geez. Just done the wan simulation, got the code, now in some lab with a fucking no face hunting me down after my sub got smashed.


Played tonight with headphones, it is infinitely scarier as someone else said, iv had to turn it off until daylight tomorrow.


Also, I killed the robot woman in the sea who through she was on the ark 😭


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And finished. Absolutely brilliant. I kinda wish it had no enemies in it at all, all those bits were shite 


Who is the ghost getting you to put your hand in wau?


All those humans floating in space for ever and ever. Unable to ever escape. Geez. 

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