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Film/TV Credit Sequences


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We seem to be seeing a resurgence in elaborate credit sequences (start and end lately).

I've written in the Iron Man 3 thread about how much I liked the end credits of that film. In case you haven't seem them (be aware it contains some spoilers for the film).

Art of the Title is a great resource for reading about the design process for credit sequences, and they have a really good article up on this particular credit sequence at the moment (including footage of concepts that weren't used).


Share your favourite (and least favourite credit sequences) here. :)

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Doctor Who - the Tom Baker time tunnel one is the best, but it's interesting to see how things evolved over the years.

The Tomorrow People - stark, simple but effective.

Thunderbirds - most Gerry Anderson shows had great title sequences, both opening and closing, but this one's by far the best. As soon as the countdown starts I just want to leap into the air and cheer.

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The show may have jumped the shark so hard it landed on the beach, but the credits for Dexter remained excellent throughout.


Given it's subject matter, the show was a potentially tough sell. But the opening, which depicts Dexter performing mundane morning tasks, viewed through a sinister lens, accompanied by upbeat, comedic but with a dark edge, music set the tone perfectly for the early seasons of the show.

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British TV seldom knows how to make a great title sequence*, but this nails it. Helped enormously by the excellent Massive Attack track, Paradise Circus.

* Although British Kids' TV is a different matter altogether, full of awesome stuff. Like this...

And not British, but still ace:

EDIT: Oh, almost forgot this:

Love it!

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I dunno if this really counts, but UFC PPV intros get me so pumped. I fast forward through so much guff in the rest of the show but I have to watch the intro & card rundown every time.

I don't even like this sort of music (Face The Pain) usually but it just plain works.

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Many of Hitchcock's openings, especially Vertigo and Psycho.

Also Catch Me If You Can is a brilliant opening credits.

Actually, anything attached to Saul Bass.

(I know that CMIYC is actually an homage to the great man, but it was one of the credit sequences that paid homage the best)

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