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Yeah the chips, how can I put it, I wouldn't say rank, I just eat them mechanically. There's little happiness when I'm eating the chips. Is that how food should be gauged? Is that what something being tasty means? I'm not a philosopher.

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The new bucket for one is superb - if only it came with gravy too. Everything I'm after in one simple order. Yaaaaaaaaas.

See I got that a few weeks ago and was a bit dissapointed. No gravy as you say and for some reason it didn't taste like it normally does. Turned me off getting it again (im not a fan of boned chicken - not so fussed about hot wings but anything else..).

Whats even better though is the 20% discount code they give you as it makes a big difference.

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On the receipt - it has a 20% discount on your next order if you do some survey online (takes about 2 minutes).

If your spending 20 quid.. makes quite a difference.

Unless it is just my area they do that (certainly all three KFCs in the area have the discount though).

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3 piece variety meal is the one. Comes with chips, 2 hot wings and a mini fillet. A drink too.

The bucket for one is the same apart from it having two pieces of chicken instead of three but two mini fillets instead of one you get in the variety meal.

I think the bucket is more expensive than the variety meal too.

Variety meal wins all day long.

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