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RPL Wanderers - Season 23


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  • 3 weeks later...

we have a game tonight? but didnt have one on the 19th, tut

im back at work so i can safely say i wont be smashed, but good effort gerry keep the party going,

I have some league games before so just turn up chaps we will see who we have online and will probably just stick to what we did before we broke for xmas, with outsider or mike the ANY taking the back line and a forward. It seems to be the only way we get any wins

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are they the last games? p

I cant stand this game if im being honest, i hope you lot piss off to the PS4 after this season then i can drop out without looking like a quitter lol!!

Ive been in BAP now for about 5 years and ive loved every minute of it apart from this season, Im not saying this cos we are getting beat, ive had loads of season where ive been bottom of the table with barley a win for the team, But this game is just horrendous, i cant get to grips with it, So if there is another season with the 360 im gunna be out and you will need another manager

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I can't make it next week lads, gots me an exam on the Friday so I will have my face buried in books!

Those humiliating Athletic losses will be my last in BAP for a while, I will return one day though, one day soon!

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