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Write, I'm going to do it.

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I've finally got the first 10,000 words down on my new novel. It's got a working title of "Repeatable Beats" and in a nutshell is about a group of friends in 1991, who go raving together and whatnot, stuff happens... fast forward to 2011 and jumps back and forth across that twenty year gap, telling the story from both sides of the divide. It's going to be horror again, although perhaps not so Cthulhu influenced as the last! :)

My plan is to write every evening and restrict my games playing to Saturday nights only. :o If I can get a 1000 words down each evening I'll be happy, try and complete by the spring next year with a summer release (it is based in the summer of 91 and the summer of 2011, so summer would be an ideal time to read it). Then I may even give some Facebook advertising a go and see how that works out for me. My wife advertised her cleaning business on Facebook, for £5, and has received eight new inquiries! Too many for her to actually do. And that was just for local pages.

So, expect it to be finished and available by 2015....! Best laid plans and all that.

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That's the plan. I am done with Animal Crossing (which helps) and have been chastising myself for spending over 150 hours making a village look nice in a game when i could have probably, just about, written the entire novel in that time!

You gotta have fun, but I need to focus too. I would really like to get to forty with three or four full length novels under my name.

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After a weekend where I wrote nothing, and was a little disappointed with myself (I did complete Uncharted 2 though... :facepalm: ) I managed to bang out nearly 4,000 words last night, completing the fourth chapter.

As I was musing over how to approach writing in two time zones (the 90s and today) I thought I might write the entire 90s half first and then go on and write the modern half second and divide up the chapters afterwards. However, I have in practice found it to be a more enjoyable experience writing it in the order I expect the reader to read it in.

Jumping from the 90s and then back and re-visiting characters. It's an interesting way to write. It's funny also, about best laid plans. I had every intention of writing a completely different chapter last night, but you get carried away in the moment and end up writing a new character in and take the story in a slightly different direction. Also allowing you to tie up other (as yet unwritten) scenes with this new character that previously they wouldn't have been in! If you see what I mean....

Anyway, 15,000 words down, I reckon another 100k will do it, but we'll see... :)

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In other news; having never really read a thriller before your first book I had no idea how it related to the rest of the genre. I'm now ended up on a second (The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter, who seems to be a big enough name that Tesco have his latest book on the shelves), and yours is loads better, unless he really improves things in the second half.

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There should be a thread for forumites who've gotten books out there. Then I wouldn't have to randomly stumble on them in signatures. I'm gonna grab a sample of your book Danster, and will probably buy it. Bought Argh's a while back and remember enjoying it (shame he hasn't written any more).


As for my own book, I found I've hit a sweet spot of setting myself a target of 200 words a day. It's not a big target, and quite easy to hit, and I often go over it. But then I don't feel disheartened if I only write 200. I've found a small amount consistently is better than no amount at all. I've found the consistency helps to keep the story cooking in my subconscious.

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