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The multiformat game comparison thread (resolution, frame rate etc)


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I fully support removing functionality for swearing in non-private channels.

It's good they're making an effort to de-toxify their service.

Except from my understanding you have no choice but for your uploads to be public? Someone with an Xbone needs to confirm this man.

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"To be clear, the Xbox Live policy and enforcement team does not monitor direct peer-to-peer communications like Skype chats and calls."

As for swearing in Upload studio stuff, I don't personally care. I'm OK with Microsoft saying that Upload studio is a swear free zone.

The only time your voice appears on Upload Studio is if you record a commentary track. No swearing in commentaries is how they want things to go. Sounds alright.

"Excessive profanity and other code of conduct violations will be enforced upon. On Xbox One, we have a more sophisticated system of enforcement. As a result, if someone misbehaves on the service, we may only suspend some of their privileges on Xbox Live such as access to certain apps or use of certain features.

"We remain committed to preserving and promoting a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all of our Xbox Live members."

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So you can upload videos of games that contain intense graphic violence and scenes of torture, but God forbid you say a naughty word over it?

I can't wait for someone to upload a video of a game with dialogue that has swearing , and then repeat what was just said in game and get banned for it.

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So you can upload videos of games that contain intense graphic violence and scenes of torture, but God forbid you say a naughty word over it?

More pertinently you can upload games full of swearing and you can't swear over it. Imagine uploading a clip from House of the Dead Overkill doing one of its epic World Record-holding fucksplosions and saying "bastard" and getting banned.
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So you can upload videos of games that contain intense graphic violence and scenes of torture, but God forbid you say a naughty word over it?

It's ridiculous. If they want to do anything they should have explicit content tags and integrate it within the parental controls. Not ban adults from swearing.

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I kinda understand it, because videos created through the Upload Studio are posted directly to the homepage of each game and are viewable to anyone, even if they don't own the console. It's probably not the best advert if you're flicking through the different games available and all the footage is of idiots dropping n-bombs and calling people fags, which is bound to happen once they realise there's an outlet to publicly offensive.

Obviously someone saying 'crap' isn't in the same league as bigotry, but it's far easier and more consistent to bring in a blanket ban on profanity rather than rely on personal discretion.

I swear roughly as often as I breathe, but I don't really see the need to swear on a separately recorded commentary track to a 30-second game clip. That said, I would prefer an adult filter.

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Warning from a friend -

Do not swear in an Upload video & upload it to your private Skydrive account, there uploaded to the community as well, even though you/I did not pick that option.

Now im banned from using Skype & upload studio, trying to work out what to do.

As the latter was not intended for the community, was merely a test to see the quality of the video & audio using Kinect, for private viewing.

Pissed off to say the least, no warning or anything not even an email so something.

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Between this and the grinding drives of death I can only imagine some MS sourced their drives from some Del Boy style character stood outside LiteOn HQ.

We tested six multiplatform games on both consoles and every time, the PS4 was under a minute while the Xbox One install was several minutes long and required downloading an update before beginning the installation. When you include downloading those updates for each Xbox One game that happen in the background on PS4, the install times can get as high as fifteen minutes before you can even launch the game.

Assassin's Creed IV:

Xbox One (offline, no update): 5 minutes 50 seconds

Xbox One (with update, fastest connection): 7 minutes 2 seconds

Xbox One (with update, 10Mbps connection): 10 minutes 32 seconds

PS4: 42 seconds

The rest of these were tested on our office Wi-Fi which is around 9-11Mbps. It may have been faster on a wired connection, but you can compare your own connection speed here. These are our results:

Need For Speed Rivals:

XBO: 09:25 (including update)

PS4: 00:32

Just Dance 2014:

XBO: 08:48 (including update)

PS4: 00:45

NBA Live 14:

XBO: 16:26 (including update)

PS4: 00:35

FIFA 14:

XBO: 16:06 (including update)

PS4: 00:34

Madden 25:

XBO: 9:38 (including update)

PS4: 00:38

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