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Fast & Furious 7 - Trailer now online!


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Sounds like Wan's nailed it if the early impressions are anything to go on...

Steven Weintraub @colliderfrosty
World premiere of @creepypuppet's FURIOUS 7 played huge. No way you pay money to see this movie and walk out dissapointed.
Steven Weintraub @colliderfrosty
@BurnettRM @creepypuppet played like a rock concert. People cheering. Need to see again. Action is crazy. #THEDOME
Lon Harris @Lons
Fast and Furious 5-7 = Greatest Action Trilogy of All Time. Done.
Peter S. Hall @PeterSHall
FURIOUS 7 is so, so good at ensemble action. So many moving pieces all deftly managed. Sells the insane with ease, the emotion with grace.
ErikDavis @ErikDavis
FURIOUS 7 is exactly what you want it to be. Unreal action sequences, tons of badass & a fantastic send off for Paul Walker. #sxsw
Amirose Eisenbach @Amirosie
Furious 7: any attempt of realism has been completely abandoned. More outrageous stunts & dialogue than ever. Unfiltered fun! #ForPaul #SXSW
Matt Donato @DoNatoBomb
#Furious7 was an action-packed blast. #SXSW DUG it. If these movies keep being so damn fun, there's no reason for the franchise to ever die.
Ed Travis @Ed_Travis
#Furious7 finally made me a believer. Not an drop of cynicism or physics in the entire film. Loved it top to bottom. Cars DO fly. #SXSW
John Laird @SideOneTrackOne
All the Paul Walker stuff is well done. Won't spoil anything. Just know it's all right. #furious7 #sxsw
Peter Knox @peterknox
Furious Seven is everything you want it to be. Plus Kurt Russell & The Rock deliver. A fitting swan song for Paul Walker. See it. #SXSW
Johanna Fuentes @jfuentes
#Furious7 had SO many great moments, but a scene involving @TheRock, a cast & his bicep... Hands down my favorite. #SXSW
Dan Casey @osteoferocious
FURIOUS 7 gets 7 furiouses up. Such over the top fun. Audience lost their damn minds for 2 hours straight. #SXSW #NerdistSXSW
Silver Screen Riot @SSRdotcom
Furious Seven is so dumb. So beautifully, wonderfully, entertainingly dumb. #SXSW
Talk Film Society @TalkFilmSoc
Furious 7 is the biggest, most over-the-top film in the franchise. The set pieces are insane. It's also rightfully very emotional.
Gabe Hernandez @misplacedpants
Just saw Furious 7 and @TheRock definitely is a scene stealer. Great film that everyone deserves to see without spoilers. #Furious7
Jon Partridge @Texas_Jon
#Furious7 is a blast. Fantastic action, humor and a lot of heart. Possibly the best yet from the franchise. Incredibly dignified ending.
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Great movie, just all-out excess and fun. If you like this series you'll not be disappointed. Lots of nice cameos (didn't know about Jaa and Black) and bit parts I didn't know about, and it's no spoiler to say I was choking back tears by the end. They did a really fine job.

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I thought it was ok, rather overlong and simply not as good as the last two. The fuzzy frantic camera work literally hurt my eyes. It's also very sexist and even for a film of this series the script is a bit poo in places.

Still, much to enjoy. The leads are great as always and some of the action is fantastic.

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