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Better Call Saul!

Captain Kelsten

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Of all TV shows I've watched, this might be the first where I think I will watch the whole thing again before the last season. I never bother usually, as a good TV show will structure seasons so that you can jump in and be brought up to speed. But in this case it will be because I want that sheer, blissful pleasure of watching all of Better Call Saul all over again.

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After being blown away by this I was distracted by life on the last ep of s2. Been back at it since yesterday. On s3 ep7 as of now and it just gets better and better. Missed that Odenkirk had a health scare, made up he's over it/on the mend and we'll be getting s6 in April.


Life can get to fuck, it's not getting back in the way of enjoying this brilliant show.

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Took a huuuuge gap between finishing S1 when it aired and S2 just now. I think life kinda got in the way for a while and I just forgot about it, but fuck me, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautifully shot this show is? The cinematography is second to none and I feel the urge to shout it from the rooftops.  (Or bump this thread that I’m not gonna read because spoilers) 

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One of the best things about this show is how it's structured around:


Chuck's death. You get the first half with him in it and how he influences the people around him. Then after his death at the end of S3, you get some flashbacks in S4. Those then disappear entirely in S5, with just the occasional reference reminding us what this show used to be. The moment in 'Bagman" where Mike pulls out the space blanket stands out. A sad echo to Jimmy about who he used to be and where he's going.


It's this beautifull show of two halves. Part 1 is far more a comedy then BB. Part 2 is slowly turning into the show BB became only better because Howard and Kim are in it.

WARNING: massive spoilers in the above spoiler. DO NOT OPEN unless you've watched S3 and one of the best episodes of S5.

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