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A beautiful videogame map not only draws you into the world, it makes everything that little bit clearer. It drives you forward, gives context to your adventure, and enriches the experience.

I always come back to Super Mario World. Playing for the first time it was bright, colourful, and led you into the game knowingly. Right from the start you could go left OR right, woah! Immediate choice, hinting at more than just another platform game. And so it proved to be.


A Link to the Past. Magical. And also zooming in on the mode 7 map sometimes helped you figure out puzzles across the dark work/light world.


I'm going to cheat here and put in a LTTP map made up of screenies too, just cos - and it's big so I'm spoilering.


Any other maps tickle your fancy? The in game ones are really what I'm looking for, and I've held off posting the Ultima cloth map, still knock yourselves out!





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I bookmarked this years ago, hoping he'd add more. But nothing new ever appeared apart from making one of them into a Minecraft map. Level maps from


Doom 2


GTA: San Andreas

Legend of Zelda

A Link to the Past

Star Tropics

Super Mario Bros.

Ultima 6

Ultima 7

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As an actual map, it was functional - you can see the roads, plan a basic route, not much else.

But by making it a physical item your character carries, accessible in real time, it hugely affected gameplay. You needed safety to use it, so you'd crawl through the undergrowth to avoid detection while getting your bearings.

The sequel's switch to a static (and overly informative) screen was one of a few design changes made for the worse.

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It isn't beautiful - quite the opposite, as it ought to be. But it is so vast, so frighteningly empty when you start the game, that it impresses upon you the scale of your task, the distances you travel. Moving between locations is as simple as clicking on the map, but watching your little pip move along the screen at a snail's pace really gets across the feeling of a laborious trek across the wasteland. A good map.

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First thing which jumped into my head when I saw this thread was lesser-known SNES JRPG Terranigma. You start the game living in a world which exists under the planet's crust, which was rather cleverly realised with a bit of Mode 7:


The first part of the game sees you reviving the surface world, continent by continent, which eventually looks like this:


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My ultimate dream is to make Moonstone 2. With a massive map or differrent maps for different levels. I dont know how to make games but I can draw map and stuff... I imagine it would be fairly tough to learn how to make a game with a fighty engine in as well as other bits.

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