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Made any special plans for PS4/Xbone launch?


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I want to be excited about this, and join in with the fun on launch day, but I just haven't seen anything that wildly excites me about the next gen consoles yet - mind you it was the same with this gen as I didn't get a 360 until GTA 4 came out (and then didn't really like that game after all).

Having said that I haven't kept up at all and have no idea what games are going to be available from launch -if it's just Fifa and COD I'll probably stick to my plan of being sensible and seeing which of the consoles has the best games available in a year's time or so.

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I think I might be taking my excitement to obsessive levels.

Last night during dinner, I realised a silence had descended upon the gathering and all my family were looking at me nervously. When I looked down I saw that I'd unconsciously carved an obliquely angled obelisk out of mashed potato in the middle of my plate.

The oddest thing is we were eating paella...

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I have a couple of days left so I might take the friday off.

Especially as it's likely that I'll be up late the night before.

Well... We're moving so those days are now gone :(

I'll be working but have a few of my mates round in the evening to get stuck into FIFA

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