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The Greatest Games of This Generation - Voting is Closed

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I noticed Rez, and completely failed to notice that a whole range of series had been put in the list :facepalm: . I shall blame this on a long day at work and having had <4 hours sleep. But yeah, that needs fixing along with Rez or the list will end up being parsed as:

1. Crackdown

5. Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, Gears of War: Thingummy

6. The Last of Us

8. Trials and Trials Evo

And that would be it!

Fair do's i will repost tomorrow - only got 4 hours kip myself last night. Gives me time to refine.

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I... didn't even think of that possibility.

I don't see why not. I'll add it into the first post - smartphone games can be included, if you so wish.

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1. Portal

2. Super Mario Galaxy

3. FTL

4. Wii Sports.

5. Hitline Miami

6. Demon Souls

7. Mass Effect 2

8. Catherine

9. Alpha Protocol

10. Minecraft

The list would be different if so many of the PC games listed here weren't completely broken on Win 8 / limited to Origin or (shudder) Games For Windows Live. That list includes: Mass Effect 3, Dark Souls, Xcom, Hitman, Special Ops just to name a few :(

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I'm surprised to see Halo 4 so frequently, well more frequently Reach. Are those people talking multiplayer or campaign?

I've since edited it out, but my original Halo 4 vote was based purely on it's multiplayer - I've never played the campaign. The Reach multiplayer was great too, but I thought 4's just pipped it.

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What a stupidly hard thing to try and do, but here goes...with brief reasons

1. Valkyria Chronicles

Beautiful art style, great tactical gameplay and a cast of characters that you grow to love and fear to lose. I got emotional during this one.

2. Portal 2

Co-op'ed through this with my wife, who doesn't play games. We went from watching her do the looking at the ceiling, floor, ceiling dance as she worked out the basics of walking around to solving and perfectly executing mid-air puzzles - without divorce! Also wonderful in single player.

3. Bayonetta

The best game of its kind, so much variety and freedom to choose how stylish you want to be at kicking the gold rings out of angels.

4. Left 4 Dead

The relief of making it to a safe house only matched by playing as a game ruining online zombie.

5. Skyrim

Role played this to the point that I started to think I was Spagglehorn Dragonborn stealing cheeses from Asdas.

6. The Last Of Us

A recent one, but made me so glad I play videogames or I'd have missed out on this amazing experience.

7. Mass Effect 2

Hooked from the start, what a start...probably my fav beginning to a game ever.

8. Rainbow Six Vegas

Shoot outs like Heat!

9. Batman Arkham City

So much character packed into such a well designed environment, swooping over it and stealthing around underneath it as Batman was bliss.


Gunning around on a quad bike pulling funky dope manoeuvres gave me the arcade thrills I'd been after this gen. Pure fun.

Big-ups to:

Fallout 3

Gears Of War


Lost Planet

Uncharted 2

Dead Rising


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1. Hitman: Blood Money

For me this game has near perfect level design, time after time. It's like a classic album, just the right length, packed with surprises, something new to notice every play through and with a wonderful twist at the end.

2. Rock Band 3

Much like Hitman, I can't think of any way that this game could be bettered and I can see myself having the 360 as a Rock Band Machine for years to come. I first played the series at a Sheffield meet years ago and fell in love with. I've put so many hours into it since then. I'm still shit. Every time I feel like I achieve something with the game I get that bit of text that tells me to score 3000 more points to be in the top 90% of the leaderboard but I don't care. I feel like a god.

3. The Last Of Us

Hitman was pretty much my first game of this generation and The Last Of Us was very nearly the final one. It's the epitome of the AAA title that has evolved this generation with it's stunningly polished presentation, carefully controlled action and complex character relationships (pretend HL2 wasn't 9 years ago).

4. Arkham Asylum

I've never consumed a game in the same way as I did Arkham Asylum. I read every bit of text, collected every collectible, listened to every bit of audio. I did it because I was so absorbed in everything the developers achieved. Arkham City was great too but this felt like more of a journey.

5. Mass Effect 2

I spent the whole of this game feeling so important. It was an epic but one you felt so completely a part of. I felt like it barely put a foot wrong in 30 odd hours. Except scanning plants.

6. Gears of War 3

It took them three tries to really nail the tone, combat and presentation for me but GoW 3 did it. There were probably a few people burned out by the series by this point and that would be a shame as this felt stunning.

7. Portal 2

8. Dragon Age: Origins

9. Far Cry 2

The shooter genre really hasn't progressed much in the last 9 years but Far Cry 2 really did try to push things forward. Sure, the checkpoints were a pain but the setting and integration of all of the game's systems was second to none.

10. Saints Row 2

One of the only games to shock and enthral me this gen. I spent so much of my time over the last 7 years wishing that gaming would take itself a little less seriously but we're in an entertainment medium that's definitely entered it's early 20s, as it were. We've (mostly) grown out of trying to shock just to get attention but are so desperate to be taken seriously. No one is going to call Saint's Row 2 'gaming's Citizen Kane' but it's a whole lot of fun.

Not yet played:

Uncharted 2, GTA V, Persona 4 Golden, Saints Row 4, Sleeping Dogs, Journey

Honourable mentions:

Dead Rising, NFS: Most Wanted, Bioshock, Deadly Premonition, Borderlands, Oblivion, Bulletstorm, Mirror's Edge.

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Not in any specific order, they all hold equal merits. EDIT: Re-ordered 1 - most important, 2 - least.

1. Batman Arkham City - The best of British (aside from GTA).

2. Red Dead Redemption - After GTA, a dream come true.

3. Super Mario Galaxy - Remixing the old formula with game changing gravity.
4. Uncharted 2 - Industry leading graphics and unbelievable set pieces.

5. The Last of Us - Same as above with amazing protagonists and an awesome soundtrack.

6. Call of Duty 4 - Digital crack in a contemporary setting.

7. FIFA 08 - The year the transition from Pro Evo began.

8. Borderlands 2 - Co-operative looting chaos.

9. Portal 2 - A masterpiece in design, narrative and humour.

10. Heavy Rain - Experimental and emotional.

I'm sure there are plenty others but those had the largest effects on me as a designer and player.

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01 Dark Souls
02 Hitman Blood Money
03 Braid
04 Portal
05 Journey
06 Half-Life 2 Episode 2
07 Super Mario Galaxy 2
08 Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2
09 Bionic Commando Rearmed
10 Tomb Raider Underworld
Others (no order):
Batman Arkham Asylum
Dead Space
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Far Cry 2
Halo 3
Mirror's Edge
Phoenix Wright
Picross DS
Super Mario 3D Land
Rhythm Heaven
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Trauma Centre
Wario Ware DIY
Wii Sports
World of Goo
Zelda: Twilight Princess

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OK , I'll open with:

1: Dwarf Fortress

2: Spelunky HD

3: Dead Rising

4: Just Cause 2

5: Minecraft

6: EDF 2017

7: Super Hexagon

8: Demon's Souls

9: Crackdown

10: Crusader Kings 2

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Not in any specific order, they all hold equal merits.

Super Mario Galaxy - Remixing the old formula with game changing gravity.

Borderlands 2 - Co-operative looting chaos.

FIFA 08 - The year the transition from Pro Evo began.

Batman Arkham City - The best of British (aside from GTA).

Heavy Rain - Experimental and emotional.

Call of Duty 4 - Digital crack in a contemporary setting.

Red Dead Redemption - After GTA, a dream come true.

Portal 2 - A masterpiece in design, narrative and humour.

Uncharted 2 - Industry leading graphics and unbelievable set pieces.

The Last of Us - Same as above with amazing protagonists and an awesome soundtrack.

I'm sure there are plenty others but those had the largest effects on me as a designer and player.

Dude, you need to put them in order or he won't include your vote! :(

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This is so hard to do but I'm gonna just stick with what comes to me first and assess the playtime and enjoyment I had with each game.

1. Rock Band 3

2. COD: Modern Warfare 2

3. Bioshock

4. Mario Kart Wii

5. Batman: Arkham City

6. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots

7. Skyrim

8. The Walking Dead (Telltale)

9. Gears of War

10. Halo 3

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1. Rock Band 3. It could never be anything other than Rock Band in first place for me. I've spent more time and more money on this series than any other game ever, and I still love it to bits. RB3 wasn't perfect (the track listing was a bit weak, for a start) but with the addition of keyboards, vocal harmonies and pro guitar and bass, it was easily the most complete and ambitious entry in the series. It's a shame the supply of DLC tracks sputtered and eventually dried up, and the back catalogue never got the updates it needed to make use of the new features, but it's still an extraordinary game and I honestly don't think we will ever see its like again.

2. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Am I the only person to have nominated a Wii U game? This came out of nowhere this year to smash straight to the top of my list of all-time favourites. A staggeringly vast game that's 50% meticulous preparation, 50% twatting big things as hard as you can. It's a game where every choice matters: what to do, how to tackle it, how to use the spoils, and it makes most other modern games look like they're on rails. I've put over a hundred hours into this both online and off, have seen a fraction of the content, and can see myself coming back to it for years.

3. Dead Rising. Not in the least the zombie slasher everyone expected, but an incredibly stressful and tightly-designed time management game where constant pressure pulled you in different directions at every turn, the save system conspired against you and success was defined as much by what you knew as how much you'd levelled up. With a sly sense of humour and some of the best bosses in the history of gaming, Dead Rising is a classic. Its sequel never quite reached the same heights; meanwhile the forthcoming third game sadly looks like an exercise in giving the mouthbreathing crowd what they wanted all along, and is probably best ignored completely.

4. The Beatles: Rock Band. A beautiful work of art and a loving tribute to the greatest band ever, it still seems incredible that this even got made. The amount of money and effort that must have been poured into licensing and remastering must have been phenomenal, but the final product was basically perfect. The only real shame is that the DLC fizzled out after three albums, and as a result the track-listing feels frustratingly incomplete: a Beatles game without Love Me Do, Help!, Hey Jude and Let It Be is always going to be missing something. Against that, we did at least get the Abbey Road Medley, the undoubted high water mark for the entire music game genre. A sequel to The Beatles: Rock Band, with a complete discography and keyboard support, would basically be the best game ever, but sadly it's never going to happen.

5. Persona 3 Portable. It's a hard choice between this and Persona 4: Golden, but this is punchier and less flabby, better adapted to the portable format, and doesn't struggle to reconcile the dungeon crawling and story elements in quite the way its sequel does. It was the first one I played and it basically blew me away on every level. It's the JRPG for people who don't like JRPGs.

6. Crackdown. Sandbox gaming done right. No plot, no cutscenes, no enforced structure, just a massive city to mess around in and a bunch of bosses to fight in any order or not at all if you so chose. Years later the ping of the hidden orbs still haunts my dreams.

7. Portal. This was a triumph. Every second was basically perfect. The scripts, the puzzles, the setting, even the credits, all polished to a shine. The sequel was also great, of course, but spread itself a bit thin, whereas the original Portal knew exactly what it wanted to be and where it needed to end. Nobody learned anything from this at all.

8. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Sometimes this doesn't even really feel like a game. There are a few puzzles to solve, a handful of areas to explore, and an awful lot of tapping on the touchscreen to advance to the next piece of dialogue. But, oh, what dialogue. The best cast of characters ever, an absolutely first-rate translation, hundreds of genuine laugh-out-loud moments, and hour upon hour of glorious, absurd melodrama. I'd like to think the Japanese legal process is exactly like this game. The rest of the series is worth playing too, although only the third title really recaptured the brilliance of the original.

9. Civilization V. Every generation has its Civ, and Civilization IV, a sprawling top-heavy behemoth of a game, seemed like an impossible act to follow. Civilization V responded by stripping things back to basics, refining the combat system and removing loads of bloat, but it also somehow managed to lose the soul of the game. It ended up as something more akin to a war-focussed board game than the crazy historical simulator that Civ at its best had always been. Erratic AI and stiff system requirements didn't help. But three years of patches and two major expansions have turned things around - now, with Brave New World, it's regained some of its former complexity but without losing its new-found elegance. It's a tremendous strategy game and arguably now the best in the series. But you NEED those expansions.

10. Carcassonne (iOS). I've played this every day for the last two years and will continue to play it every day for as long as there are games to be had. It's the perfect multiplayer game - the asynchronous turn-taking works brilliantly and it's a fine board game, managing to combine real strategic depth with a healthy amount of sheer blind luck. It's a slice of gaming that's such a constant, unremarked presence in my life that I initially forgot to even put it in this list, but I've probably played it as much in total as anything else here.

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Here goes:

1. Super Mario Galaxy - Simply the best/most inventive platform game of all time.

2. Mass Effect - A true epic. Never before has a game universe been brought to life in such an amazing and cohesive way.

3. The Last of Us - Great gameplay mixed with great atmosphere and the best characters in gaming.

4. Valkryia Chronicles - My favourite genre is the SRPG and this take on it was stunning. Also the best looking video game still.

5. WipEout HD - Possibly one of my favourite series in gaming, but this update is just incredible, great racing at 1080p and 60fps :wub:

6. Uncharted 2 - The king of action set pieces interlaced with great characters and cracking action game in it's own right.

7. Yakuza 4 - My favourite game in the series. Despite being technically limited it still has great gameplay, but the story of the four characters is so well told.

8. Vanquish - The best 3rd person shooter of all time. A real call back to the games that made me a gamer in the first place.

9. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Sure it was self indulgent, but when it was good, not a lot comes close to it at those points.

10. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Much like Vanquish, it brought back memories of a time when games were simply fun as hell.


Batman Arkham Asylum

Burnout Paradise

LittleBigPlanet 2

Super Stardust HD


Resistance 3

Skyward Sword

inFamous 2

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the Witch

Gears of War

Lost Odyssey

Geometry Wars 2

Super Street Fighter IV

Ratchet & Clank A Crack in Time


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could people vote for an arcade game from ~2002 if it's had recent 360/ps3 port that adds a new mode and leaderboards and some other stuff?

Assuming it's the first home version, that should be fine. What's the game?

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1. Civilization Revolution - Perhaps a strange choice, considering bigger more impressive PC versions of the series this gen. This version is by far my most played. The controls for console are spot on. Civ Rev reintroduced a simplicity, clarity and immediacy not seen since the mighty Civ 2.

2. Rayman Origins - One of the most beautiful and atmospheric games of all time, I think. It's emphasis on pure platforming, better hub/menu system and more cohesive look made me choose this over the recent Rayman Legends.

3. DIRT 2 - Unlike most people online, I quite like what Codemasters have been doing with their racing series this gen. I think this one holds up as their finest. The art has aged well, it has a better structure and tracks than 3 and tighter handling than 1.

4. Crackdown - My favourite open world game. Brilliant concept, best mission structure. Despite being really, really old I still play this more than almost every other 360 game.

5. GRID - Another Codemasters racer. More enjoyable than GRID 2, better tracks, less constricted in terms of progression and I prefer the handling.

6. Without 2048 - Still the best Vita game, the add on levels make it the best Wipeout game too.

7. Tropico 4 - I love tycoon style games and this was the best one this gen.

8. Quarrel - An addictive concept flawlessly executed.

9. Split Second - Original, exciting and really well made.

10. Game Dev Story - I really enjoy the Kairosoft mobile games. This one is their best.

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I think this is probably my list. For all the reasons you've all said already, but in a slightly different order.

1. Dark Souls
2. Trials Evolution
3. Skate 2
4. Red Dead Redemption
5. The Last Of Us
6. Assassin's Creed 2
7. Portal
8. Halo: Reach
9. Left 4 Dead
10. Rockband

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10. Dragon Age: Origins (fab fantasy RPG adventure with nice nods to Bioware's past)

9. SWTOR (screw the haters, this was a Star Wars fan's dream come true, and has the best story/PvE content of any MMO yet)

8. Oblivion (when the generation truly began. Jaw-dropping world and atmosphere)

7. Mass Effect 1 (the weakest Mass Effect gameplay-wise, but arguably the best in terms of world building and sheer scope)

6. Fallout 3 (Worthy update to one of the best series of all time. Great locations and a huge abundance of amazing content)

5. Skyrim (modded, this is one of the most incredible gaming experiences you can find anywhere)

4. Batman Arkam City (the ultimate open world game, and the best fighting game all in one)

3. Fallout New Vegas (Fallout 3's core concepts taken into a more inventive world with far better writing and great storylines)

2. StarCraft II (opened up an entire new genre to me, not to mention the whole concept of e-sports, which I'm now addicted to)

1. Mass Effect 2 (pretty much the pinnacle of single player gaming at this point for me. As close to a flawless game that exists)

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1. Dark Souls

2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma

3. Super Mario Galaxy

4. Demons Souls

5. Portal

6. Grand Theft Auto 5

7. Arkham Asylum

8. The Legend of Zelda : The Twilight Princess

9. NBA 2K12

10. Dishonoured

For Wipers convenience

1. Dark Souls

I hate fantasy settings, dragons, swords and scorcery and all that shit. I hate it. And this is still the best game I've played up to this point by an absolute mile. There's been enough said across the forums about the amazing combat, world design and how it all interconnects, the character cutomisation options, the fabulous sortyline if you want to look for it etc. that make the game so amazing. For me the most impressive part is the progression you go through playing it. Never have I had such a tangible sense of progressing my skills in a game, and not by gaining extra abilities, but my mastering the combat. There is nothing like the first time you see the enemies after clearing Ceaseless Discharge, shit yourself, and then proceed to turn them into greasespots on the floor with relative ease. Sensational.

2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma

The first action game I played where it was more then button mashing. Very similar combat principles to Dark Souls in my opinion and with some practice easy to get a proper handle on it and to actually feel like a ninja, dispatching multitudes of enemies with finesse. Using the environment has never felt so natural and the boss battles were properly epic.

3. Super Mario Galaxy

I spent the whole game with a grin on my face with the simple pleasure of perfect game mechanics thinking 'hmmm, that's so clever, that's so well designed'.

4. Demons Souls

Kind of like Dark Souls surly teenage cousin. At times it's even more willfully obtuse than Dark Souls. The combat isn't as balanced or refined and the discreet level settings aren't as immersive. Flamelurker is a prick. But being 90% of the bestest game ever is still pretty amazing.

5. Portal

Probably the most 'perfect' game I've ever come across. Everything in it's perfect place, perfectly balanced and playtested. The tone is perfectly set, the audiovisual design is perfect. Made me feel really clever and really stupid at the same time.

6. Grand Theft Auto 5

New Entry

7. Arkham Asylum

Be the Batman. Pretty simple really. This is a toss up with Arkham City, which I do feel is a better overall game, but the Scarecrow sections in this give it the nod.

8. Zelda - Twilight Princess

Shit, forgot all about this. At this stage the Zelda games are just remakes of remakes, but this was the best since Ocarina of Time. It just felt better balanced and paced than Wind Waker to me. Loved the design of the Twilight creatures and areas as well.

9. NBA 2k12

My opinion of this is probably skewed as I was learning about real NBA basketball in tandem as I was learning this. As a sports title it makes Pro Evo and Fifa look like the amateurish efforts they really are. Tweakable gameplay sliders to suit all types of players, a simple yet incredibly deep control scheme, branching plays to keep the game fresh even after hundreds of hours versus the CPU and with a mod or two it looks incredible all backed up by a huge community of roster makers, modders etc.

10. Dishonoured

I loved this for 2 reasons. 1, It looks like an oil painting, staggering visual design (admittedly making up for some otherwise ropey animations and textures). 2, The empowerment it gives. Much the same as I felt when playing Ninja Gaiden, my guy always did exactly what I wanted him to do. The game gave me a select few, but very useful powers, loads of options and left me to it.

I was quite surprised while making this list just how few games I had to pick from. I've enjoyed plenty of games this gen, but I really don't think there have been that many genuinely amazing games. Of my top ten I'd only say the top 5, maybe 6 are actual genuine Classics.

From this list it would appear that I value a tight control scheme above all else, as when really thinking about what games I loved and then putting them in order it seems to be the ones that have given me the greatest sense of empowerment to do things with ease and in my own way that have left the biggest impression on me.

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1. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
2. Bayonetta
3. Dead Rising
4. Vanquish
5. Super Mario Galaxy
6. Kid Icarus Uprising
7. Super Streetfighter IV AE 2012
8. EDF 2017
9. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
10. Split Second
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  1. Mass Effect 2 – That ending. Absolutely, air-punchingly epic. John Squire once described one of the Stone Roses’ songs as being like “scoring the winning goal in an FA cup final, whilst riding a Harley Davidson, dressed as Spider-Man”, and I think that’s a pretty fitting summary of how a successful run-through of Mass Effect 2 feels. Never before had I genuinely cared about NPCs. Never before had I loved a game so much that, immediately after finishing it, I went back to the the previous game of the series to start a whole new run-through with a different character. Legion, Garrus, Grunt, Zaeed, Thane, Mordin (that song!), Samara, Miranda, EDI, Joker – I love every character in their way. All except Jacob, who is a charmless ballbag, natch. Balancing story and gameplay is a very difficult trick to get right, and there have been a lot of botched attempts this generation. Here, Bioware got it absolutely bang on.

  2. Arkham City I am Batman.

  3. Portal 2 – It’s been said before, but if I was going to pick one game to show a non-gamer, to prove that not all games are by idiots for idiots, this would be it. So often, I come away from a game feeling like, if I’m honest with myself, the time could probably have better-spent. Valve are the masters of never making me feel that way.

  4. Walking Dead – If I’d known that guy was such a dick, I’d definitely have stolen the stuff from his car. But I didn’t, because a fictional, computerised little girl made me feel genuinely guilty at the idea of doing so.

  5. Crackdown – This generation’s genuine successor to GTA III. Instead of weighing itself down with a tedious story that made no sense in the context of the game as a whole, it just gave you a city, a set of superpowers, and let you go play.

  6. Outrun Online Arcade – We had fun, fun, fun, ‘til Ferrari took their licensed vehicles away.

  7. Mass Effect – The controls, characters and general polish all suffer in comparison to the sequel, but it has a genuine sci-fi feel that nothing else, including the follow-ups, matched.

  8. Arkham Asylum I am Batman (except with less swooping from rooftops, and a slightly worse fighting system).

  9. Test Drive Unlimited – The gaming equivalent of going on holiday. It made me happy.

  10. Dead Rising – I’ll admit I had much more fun the second time through, when the mini-chainsaws made me practically invincible, but nonetheless this was great, awkward save system and all. Though I’ve just remembered the way a weapon would suddenly break, and the inventory would shift so I’d find myself unintentionally quaffing orange juice in the middle of a hoard of zombies. But aside from that, it was great.
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