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Falcom Thread - Awww Ys


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1 minute ago, ryodi said:


It doesn't help that when characters from previous games appear it assumes you know who they are. CS3 was very confusing at times. This is the timeline which is why I'm thinking of going back to Trails in the Sky before I finish CS4.





No wonder I'm confused, I'm fairly sure I didn't play sky the third and I think I played cold Steel 3 first, then sky 1  and then maybe something daft like cold steel 3, then sc, now zero... :facepalm:

Or maybe sky 1 years and years ago and then general confusion....


I do love jrpgs though so the fact you get a lot of quite 'tropey' characters also confuses me, as sometimes I'm not sure if I recognise sullen strong man from game x or ditzy but brilliant girl from game y and so on...


Still enjoying it though and only just remembered how sepith and the quartz etc work on chapter 3 :lol:


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On 08/10/2022 at 18:50, AceGrace said:

So can I play the Cold Steel games in isolation and then play others?


That's the way I played them and they give you enough information about the previous games that you know what's going on. 


I completed Cold Steel IV on PS4 last night. I did try playing it on Switch but it doesn't run at all well on that system. By far the longest games in the series for me taking 95 hours to complete. I ignored everything related to the Vantage Masteers and Pom! Pom! Party minigames and as with every other games in the series managed to miss a few chests so I didn't get the trophy.  It did start to drag a little at the end and the number of characters could get overwhelming at times but it was nice to play a series where the characters age in each installment again, I can only think of the Ezio Assasins Creed trilogy as the last time that happened in a game series I have played.


My romance choice for Rean is the same as it was in every game 




I've got Zero and Azue and Reverie are preordered but I'm going to try play through the Sky duology on PSP first. 

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Trails in the Sky First Chapter done. I really enjoyed it and appreciated the smaller scale and cast of characters after Cold Steel IV. Joshua and Estelle might be my favourite characters in series. Onto Second Chapter which luckily I bought before it was delisted on PSN, my Vita hasn't had this much use since I was addicted to Everybody's Golf. 

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Just played Trails of Cold Steel 1 - 4 back to back.

Finished 4 today. Then found out I need to unlock the true ending so tomorrow will be installing it again to re-load the save.


I can honestly say they were fantastic but overly long (especially 3).

I went for Emma in the first 3 games then in 4 I chose Musse!

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1 hour ago, gossi the dog said:

Does anyone know if saves are transferable from PS4 to PS5 for Ys IX? Not sure if I want to start over.

I believe they are. 

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1 minute ago, cassidy said:

@gossi the dog sorry. I’m sure I saw something about using game data.  

No worries. I was only 8-10 hours in (got distracted by something else) and had forgotten what I was doing in the game, so starting over is probably a better option anyhow.

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