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Resogun - PS4 launch shoot-em-up, 1080p 60fps


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After just one evenings play this has already proven to have Geometry Wars levels of addiction.. Can see it being my most played launch title by a wide margin.

The fact it's perfectly playable via remote play too is just the icing on the cake!

See you on the leaderboards! ;)

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From the main PS4 thread...

Tried Resogun on Veteran difficulty - ha, now this is more like it. I wasn't 'bored' by rookie level (and still haven't completed it) but it certainly wasn't entirely scratching my Geometry Wars itch. The chaos on higher difficulties is fantastic. If only I could always remember to look for the Keepers entering the level as soon as the voice announces them.

Friend me up, anyone playing this! Would love some leaderboard competition!

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Gonna play some more later. Got a few tips from the main thread and now have an idea on how the saving and the boosting works.

It looks and feels amazing and now I know what in actually doing. Think I have you added already 8T. Others hit me up if you want a battle.

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I'm finding it difficult multitasking between keeping an eye out for keepers/humans, whilst maintaining the multiplier. One or the other usually ends up distracting me towards making silly mistakes.

The potential once the scoring system fully clicks though is huge!

As for Harry's score, it's going to be a while until I top that.

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Throwing humans is good if there are enemies coming your way. You can also boost and then throw, so they go flying (I've killed a couple doing this though :P).

For Experienced, my highest score is 23.9 million.

Just completed the game, so now it's time for Veteran!

Edit: PSN is Xanthie for anyone playing!

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So addictive and such a great feel to the boosting and other mechanics. Fave ship is the one to the left on the selection screen with the homing lasers and extended boost, definitely getting a lot more mileage to the boost chains with this ship. Its weapons are beautiful - the screen looks like a cross between Gradius V and Fantavision when the laser is fully charged.

Question - on the first level the seventh human always seems to die, the Keepers alert doesn't sound but his icon turns red for some reason - any pointers please?

As far as the Defender comparisons go, this is a lot more Dropzone/Choplifter to me, the way you drop guys off at the base has more in common with those games than Defender, controls are definitely more Dropzone too - a good thing.

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If PS4 has nothing else for 6months, I'll be happily playing this. Sorted.

It's pretty much Geometry Wars 3 to me.

That's what I was thinking whilst watching vids of it, looks really fun and possibly the main game I'm looking forward to playing Christmas day!

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