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what is your greatest value for money game?


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I wouldn't say value due to the game costing about £40 on release, £15 for the expansion and then £7 a month for about three years (£252!), but Phantasy Star Universe was about 1500 Hours of my life burned away on terrible injokes.

Good friends, good times.

In addition to the usual 'Bought a game, pulled it to pieces' usual suspects (PSO, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas), I must have spent at least the same couple of hundred hours I played of Diablo III on Path of Exile, although it's likely to be more around the 300 Hour mark with the amount of resets that happened. And is pretty much a free-to-play game, although I spent like $20 so I could play the game earlier and have a load of sweet stash tabs.

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On PS2 it was a triumvirate of 3's: GT3 until 98% (I think one gold license kept escaping me) GTA3 complete (except the rampages, they appeared randomly on the map, as I discovered later...) and SSX3 (a f**king glorious game that was, used to go to the top of the mountain and slide down with only ambient sounds enabled)

On PS3 it was WipeOutHD and Fury (despite not unlocking the platinum), and remarkably not/hardly mentioned before: all the multiplayers of Naughty Dog. If there's one aspect undeniably superior in UC3 vs UC2, it has to be the MP. Now spending most of my time in The Last of Us' MP, which is the best MP I've played in my life (already spent +100 hrs in it now, and the latest mode 'interrogation' is the best yet...)

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Goldeneye multiplayer, weekend after weekend was lost to that game and that's forgetting completing the single play up to 007 standard for

Myself and friends.

Halo 2 multiplayer was all I did for a year.

Sim city 2000 and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, still roll these out every few months.

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How could I forget World of Warcraft?

Obviously you kept paying for it with it being a subscription service and all, but I've spent 100s upon 100s of hours in there. Loads of it was addiction fueled waste of time though. Brrr.

I warned you guys.

Fallout3 for me, of recent times. must be getting on for 100 hours. Back in the 80s probably Paradroid or Koronis Rift. You could replay those forever. It took 5 minutes to even load the damn things, that's value right there.

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Thinking about it, it's probably Civ 2. I played it a lot, across both PC and PS1, and it's the kind of game you think about when you're not playing it too.

I can't say Football Manager. That would likely be my most played game, but nominating it feels like saying a 3 litre bottle of cider for £2.50 is my best value for money drink - it'll get you on the road to being drunk, but it's not a fun experience most of the time.

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Red Alert

Tiberian Sun

Age of Empires 2

All of these got played to death between me

and my friend. He also had broadband where as I didn't so I'd take my PC to his and we'd have nights where we'd clan up and play 2v2 online on Tiberian Sun all day and night. At other times we'd just play skirmishes against each other and bots offline on all 3 games. Just writing this is making remember some great times I had playing these :wub:

Then there's Oblivion and Skyrim which I spent ridiculous amounts of time on and have actually yet to complete.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 and BlackOps because Ive played them so much online and also smashed the SpecOps with my friend.

Football Manager 2011 on iOS. It cost £5.99 but I was so addicted to it that it was worth it. Eventually I got bored of it cause I'd won everything countless of times but it was great whilst I played it.

Orange Box is value for money for the obvious reason that's its 5 games in 1.

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It's got to be the Civilization games, from two to four I have played and played and played....Wish I knew quite HOW much.... but we shall never know. I used ot have weekends like Scouser's with GT3 though, Finish work late friday, go home start playing, go to bed about 4am, wake up about 9am carry on playing.... I beat it on Deity doing that.

I surprised myself more recently with over 100 hours on Dragon Quest 9, didn't realise I was enjoying it that much! And I definitely did almost 200 hours on Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon. And then more recently again, Animal Crossing New leaf has just clocked up 120 hours! Damn! Just so easy to clock up the hours on a handheld.

Does the PS3 tell you how many hours you've played things for, can't say I've noticed those sort of stats anywhere....?

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