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RLLMUK F1: Season Lucky 7 (Spa, 3rd December, 9.00pm)


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I think they've done some fantastic things, and I've had a lot of fun with their F1 games.

I am a bit perplexed by some of the issues we keep having though. With so much carry over from year to year, each game being a clear evolution from the last I'd expect the game to be watertight by now. It's not like the wheel is being re invented every 12 months.

I can only hope that the team on the past few games has been trimmed to throw resources for the big push come September, the next gen versions. That we get a revolution next time. The series needs it. I want the next game to feel like a new game. Tired is one thing, we can get round that if the racing is good. But broken and tired isn't a great combo.

I really want to see what codies can do with the extra horsepower and hopefully a new engine.

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Ah, yeah. Hmm. I should probably add a post here explaining why I've not been around so much recently, and by relation apologise for allowing the league to hit the state it has (it was supposed to be my term as leader after all!).

See, as Myoozikk has also found for the past year or so, life's a bit mad with work stuff for me. Taking on more responsibility is good because a) I get paid more and b) I get to do 'Fun Things' (prototype Steam Box! Occulus Rift! Steam Controller!), but it also means that I usually get home wanting to crawl into bed given my 6.15am wake up call. Usually this means my evenings are spent watching telly until I fall asleep or, on random occasions, a game of FIFA or the 'relaxing' experience of Don't Starve! (LeChuck, Marmite, I'll get around to playing you guys at some point).

So generally yes, the F1 part of me has generally fallen by the wayside for the time being whilst I attempt to find some kind of balance in my life that means I'm happy both at work and at home. It's taking some time, but I'll get there. I will definitely be back to F1 at some point and I actually quite like 13, but now's just an utterly mad time in my life. Add in lots of family stuff in preparation for me upcoming nephew and I have even less spare time :lol:

So apologies as I kind of feel partly responsible for letting this league slip to the point where we're all quite uninterested in it. I definitely think we need a break from it, but I am also convinced this isn't the end for RLLMUK F1 and that perhaps once we have a next-gen version to play we'll all be back again zooming around :).

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I think part of the problem is the time you need to put into to be competitive.

you need to find & test a set up until you are happy with it. Learn the limits of the track perfectly, then actually race the fucker. Plus us wheel chaps have to get that out etc

It's not quite the same as jumping on fifa or COD for quick 30min game at the end of the day.

Likewise i'm hoping 2014 & a next gen edition will re ignite my interest as some of the races in this league have been amongst my finest online gaming experiences ever.

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I'd definitely agree with the practice comment. I get the most out of playing racing games by being quick and at the sharp end of the pack. It brings out my competitive spirit more than any other category of game but at the same time that obviously demands an element of dedication and practice.

Like Kiro, work is busy and time is precious, especially during the week. The idea of firing up Fifa for a couple of games or a quick blast on the Vita (yep, got one of those now too!) is way more appealing at the moment.

I do hope we get an awesome next gen racing game at some point this year that brings the group properly back together though. Maybe PCARS?

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