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RLLMUK F1: Season Lucky 7 (Spa, 3rd December, 9.00pm)


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Completed my first career race last night. Qually 16th, finished 8th in the Sauber. I'll do a little test session to pick a car tonight methinks.

Anyone else raced Aus in 2013? It feels like I'm having to tiptoe around certain corners:

After the first corner that right left right sequence and the left and right on to the main straight.

Tell me it's not just me!

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Car choices: chosen.

In my little test last night I was heartened to be able to run with the leader in the faster cars. So I'm hopefully not light years off the pace at the start this time.

Speaking of starts - getting the car off the line. I am fine in the first few gears, but then get swamped in 3rd almost every start. What the hell?!

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Looking forward to the reveal on Friday :)

Be nice if the patch would drop soon as well.

In other news, completed another career race tonight, this time at Montreal. Had an absolutely shocking first lap - more rally driving than F1! Shows off the ability to catch the back end a couple of times I think though! Quite enjoyed fighting through the pack, although these ridiculous race objectives are getting no better - qualified in 5th, so they expect 2nd?! In a Sauber? For fu...

Also popped on to time trail around the same track to see what I could do there. 4th in the world and 2nd of the non-assists runners. Not too shabby :)

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I have put the teams into a randomiser to generate the launch order seeing as we didn't have the constructors as it is this season last time. So, the reveal schedule is:

EDIT: this is the new order as I fucked up the previous one :lol:

10am: Sauber

11am: Mercedes

12pm: Red Bull

1pm: Force India

2pm: Ferrari

3pm: Lotus

4pm: McLaren

4pm: Williams

I should point out now that I am pretty bust at work at the minute so, other than posting these, chances are I won't be able to get that involved in discussing them! Hopefully you'll all have fun though :hat:

I did tweet myoozikk about pm'ing you, Kiro.

I think he hinted to me a while ago what he wanted :) - as things turn out he's guaranteed one of those unless he changes his mind.
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Oh, it's out! Exciting times - will have to get that myself :)

Looking at these teams, I am actually pretty excited. Think it's the best line-up we've ever had on a Team Picking Day! Reckon everyone will be pleased with how it pans out :)

Edit: Holy hell, I have just noticed Kingford's signature :lol:

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Just to clarify on this for tomorrow:

I knew Myoozikk's preferred selections a while ago (he's just confirmed them to me) so I slotted him in where those teams were. Unfortunately due to being super busy and tired I solidified things around 8 or so, which means Mike just missed out as well as Grimes :(. I did however put them in a hat with the only non-points scorer Meers Jr and drew them into the remaining slots by chance.

Hope those guys won't mind too much - been caning 14-hour work shifts for a while and really needed to get this done fairly early this evening or I might have fallen asleep and not finished it :)

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Got the full thing preview posted in another window now - looks pretty good. Roll on tomorrow (I will post the teams in separate posts within the thread this time rather than adding gradually to Page 1. I'll then compile it all into the first post afterwards :)

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I'm pretty sure they won't mind. It's great that we have someone prepared to spend the time posting team profiles throughout the day to get everyone excited about the forthcoming season while also juggling what sounds like a pretty horrendous work load.

I'm hugely looking forward to the team announcement stuff tomorrow - it will liven up my shopping day with the Mrs no end! I also think this game could provide our best season ever. Still not done a 50% race yet but all signs point to some great strategy plays. :)

Patch would be a nice touch mind...

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