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RLLMUK F1: Season Lucky 7 (Spa, 3rd December, 9.00pm)


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Did you guys see the patch notes for PC? Link here. Lots of niggly stuff covered in there that should make the game better once the patch finds its way to consoles. The big one for our league will be equal cars though - apparently they found a problem with the wheelbases that has been addressed.

Be good if the patch could drop before our season starts.

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Potentially, although a crucial aspect of the success (they felt) was not having to use the Honda engine.

If that car had been designed for the Merc engine from the start rather than having to bodge it in late Jenson would have walked the whole season I reckon :)

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Looks like they've rolled out the cars for Bacon Horsemeat - my mate just posted this on Facebook.


Ah, memories :)

Haha I must have come across him and were none the wiser :) We were just to the right of them. They're gonna give one to JB and another to Ross Brawn as thank you gifts for winning the championships.

Fantastic day, learnt so much about the whole process and we were given intimate access to the whole place (except the wind tunnel obviously which I was really wanted to look at).

And yes I only just got back!! Thanks weekend train delays!

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