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"AMD: PS4 performance advantage over XB1 bigger than many expect thanks to hUMA" (Gaf)


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Anyone else fascinated by these nuggets?

Assuming that is said straight, VGLeaks have some recent articles about this too, Sony devs were also demonstrating a novel alternative to the dropped SVOGI realtime lighting technique that used to be in UE4 at GDC Europe recently which made use of the hardware megatexture feature that AMD introduced with the GCN graphics cards that both Microsoft and Sony are using now:




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we need some kind of matrix that lists generation "winners" by both "power" and the order they launched in


2600 1 1 3

where 1 is the position in the console war

and 1 is where it launched in terms of other consoles of the same gen

and 3 is the position measured by "power"

except the example I just chose was fucked up in terms of "consoles"

so, yeah, it would be 1:1:3 if measured against the colecovision and intellivision, right?

nes 1:1:2 (ms 2:2:1)

snes: 1:2:1 (md 2:1:1)

PS1: 1:2:2 (Saturn 2:1:3 n64 3:3:1)

PS2: 1:2:2 (DC 3:1:2 xbox 2:3:1)

xbox360 1:2:2 (ps3 2:2:1)

(in brackets I show either the console that came second and whether it launch first, or the was most powerful)

so a "perfect" console would launch first and be most powerful to truly "win" a console generation:


or something

(obviously my scores are a combination of poor memory and personal opinion, some consoles are scored equally in terms of power)

Hang on a minute...!

Wii 1:2:3 (X360 2 1 2 (PS3 3 3 1))

It's as easy as A-B-C

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