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Art Academy Sketchpad


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It's not out in Europe yet - or at least, it's not on my eShop - but there are already thousands of posts and pictures on Miiverse. Some of the pictures look really impressive, especially considering this is a little sampler of the full drawing package.

Who's looking forward to using this? I am entirely useless at drawing, but still likely to try it out.

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Isn't it only pencils, coloured pencils and pastels though? No painting tools?

I actually thought this was going to be free as a taster for the full package.

I'm actually having fun with the DS version, will get 3ds version when it's a bit cheaper.

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I just bought it



(this one is called "I laid there all day watching the ships depart for the moon")

£3.59 well spent I'm sure you'll agree

put it in the Tate Modern. You'll earn a fucking fortune if the shite i've seen in there is anything to go by.
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It has always slightly annoyed me that i cant draw :(

I picked this up as the kids will go mad for it, we have various art academy games and even udraw with pad!

Just put it on and there is a cat picture to draw, i'm never getting a go on the wii u again!

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