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Premier League Predictions 2013-14: Results on page 2

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I suppose with the World Cup it'd be more fun to do match by match predictions. I half expected there to already be a site where we could just add a Rllmuk league, but can't find anything as of yet.

Anyone want to volunteer? :P

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In terms of the table prediction game, not sure I'll be doing it this year. Hell of a week at work and then I'm off on holiday, I could collect predictions once I'm back but if anyone else wants to jump in they'd be very welcome.

I've joined that there league too, just the two of us it seems. Might want to post in the main thread and fantasy thread as well Jameson.

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I can't be bothered to sign up...

I think everyone could have just put up their predictions and then someone, anyone could have compiled the data at the end of the season, no? Or no one, it doesn't matter...it's still fun to see what everyone thought.

before the season starts...

1 arsenal

2 man city

3 chelsea

4 liverpool

5 man united

6 spurs

7 newcastle

8 everton

9 stoke

10 southampton

11 sunderland

12 swansea

13 leicester

14 burnley

15 qpr

16 hull

17 west ham

18 west brom

19 aston villa

20 crystal palace

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I've joined the predictions thing too, though I'm not sure I will keep it up with only 4 of us.

1 Chelsea

2 Man City

3 Arsenal

4 Man U

5 Liverpool

6 Everton

7 Spurs

8 Newcastle

9 Stoke

10 Hull

11 Sunderland

12 Aston Villa

13 West Brom

14 Crystal Palace

15 West Ham

16 Southampton

17 QPR

18 Leicester

19 Swansea

20 Burnley

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1. Man City

2. Chelsea

3. Arsenal

4. Liverpool

5. Everton

6. Man Utd

7. Tottenham

8. Newcastle

9. Stoke

10. Swansea

11. Southampton

12. Hull

13. Sunderland

14. QPR

15. Crystal Palace

16. Aston Villa

17. Burnley

18. West Brom

19. Leicester

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1 Chelsea

2 Arsenal

3 Man City

4 Man Utd (based on the assumption they will sign some defenders before the summer finishes)

5 Liverpool

6 Everton

7 Spurs

8 Newcastle

9 Southampton

10 Stoke

11 Sunderland

12 Hull

13 West Brom

14 Swansea

15 West Ham

16 Leicester

17 QPR

18 Aston Villa

19 Crystal Palace

20 Burnley

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