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Warning ! To Mvs Buyers


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Ok, I`ve bought an MVS cart from ebay from what looks to be a repuable seller (99% feedback) but upon reading on the NeoGeo.com forums ther seller "Carolescollectables" (amongst other names) is a known bootleg seller with an awful record for not sending/sending crappy copies/bad communication.

Now if the Mods decide to stop this, fair enough, but I felt it fair to warn you guys about this as anyone new to the supergun/MVS scene won`t get burnt..

I live in hope that its all wrong and I recieve my game ;) but I`ve a bad feeling about this.

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Thanks for the warning!

One of my mates bought me the MVS version of Pulstar from Ebay (I don't know who the seller was), but it's most certainly a bootleg. The label on the spine is a poor photo copy, the cartridge case is a poor quality, and the sound is REALLY distorted.

Luckily I already had an original, but this means that I can't even put this one back on Ebay as it's just so crappy.


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"Caroles Collectables" is infact Japhei. Quite possibly the most hated and notorious SNK bootlegger out there.

If you need any more info about this guy then read some of the posts on the www.neo-geo.com forum.


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hey rob check the boards inside on that pulstar, it may just be in need of a good clean, my blazing star has a photocopied label but is 100% legit inside, mvs carts arent hard at all to open up, could just be a bit of dirt causing the glitch as opposed to it being a bootleg, always worth checking, ignore this if you alredy have opened her up :D

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