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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Official Server: Moogle)


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Planned for next week:
AFK kick timer
more new worlds and server upgrades
splitting duty finder some more (more battlegroups?)

Coming later:
free server transfers from high pop to low/new worlds (NOT the other way around)
(Copy pasta from GeoNaf)
Try this google translate!
The follow-up report about the increase newborn FFXIV play environment
It is Yoshida newborn FFXIV producer and director.

The everyone of players, restrictions on new character creation and login many, we apologize for the inconvenience enormously.
The long-term maintenance that I went to the 9/4 Japan time, in Japan and Europe data center,
It is now possible to improve about 60 000 people than before the maximum simultaneous connections the number respectively.

Excluding the new open world currently, simultaneous logins of 7300 people - 7800 people are enabled generally existing world,
Concurrent logins more than this because it is possible to generate an intense lag for each field zone,
I am allowed to check the load status while performing the operation.

It keeps track of the number 320 005 thousand people maximum simultaneous connections who to date, and is increasing continuously.
In addition, the package version in the general circulation as well as download version is also let me put the shipping restriction,
In the development / management team, in order to solve these problems it is planned to expansion of big play environment.

First, to ensure that each data center peak time concurrent number of people today, the stability of the zone and the world,
Toward large-scale increase of then, I will continue to real-time monitoring and enhancement of the next.

It is a plan for the future, but it is planned as follows: as a rough outline.
(Because it is a summary only, as soon as details are finalized, we will be reported separately)

Enhancement of three segmentation ③ content world of significant additional content finder ② ① Group for the New World

Maximum concurrent connections character limit of each existing world has reached the limit at present,

Since there is also the load impact on the field zone, increasing the capacity limit of the world than this,

It has become a situation physically impossible.

For existing crowded world, it is a situation that is likely to occur is a new character created for the limit.

Further, only a simple add new world, in order to become the load matching problem occurs again,

Add a new world significantly, happy to accept a new character creation, and increase to three groups from two current group finder group on it, and then add a general-purpose world to play more content.

This makes it possible to raise one more step simultaneous connections the number of newborn FFXIV whole.

In addition to these, from a login restriction was strong and leave the character to remain logged in to the game,

Because the situation is also at the same time and be seen, it is also received requests from everyone of the player,

If Away logged in is longer, so that the logout process is performed automatically, we are planning the implementation of the processing.

It is scheduled for next week for the support of up to ① ~ ③, to be announced early next week for more dates.

Start of ④ character world transfer service

n class="notranslate">The character creation limit and login restrictions or everyone, who created the character to existing congestion on the world,

Respect everyone could not be created character to the world desired, by providing a world transfer service,

We will be allowed to enable or transfer to a new world that can be logged stable, and confluence with friends.

Currently, we consider in detail the plan so far, it becomes the correspondence of the company-wide as a top priority.

I expect possible in stages redistribution of package version, also sell resume download version in this process.
Strengthen sales and facility expansion ⑤ a large-scale
n class="notranslate">Is performed PlayStation4 release support, strengthen sales strategy further,

It is planned to put even greater increase from the current assumption of the business scale newborn FFXIV whole.

For this place, it is planning to assess the input time while looking at the status of the operation.

While well received that exceed the assumption, the limit of time to play, this time, such as lack of market distribution amount,
We apologize for any inconvenience to customers, but since you will be top priority respond to company-wide continue,
Much for your patronage continue, thank you!

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Good news I can get in and play.

Bad news SE forgot to tell BT that its a game and not a P2P DL system.

As such between 6pm and midnight the game is unplayable as BT throttle my net connection to nothing.

Phoned BT and been told as I'm using P2P they will throttle me, I tell them its a game and they tell me I'm DL a P2P content.

Fuck it, guess I'm out.

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Good news I can get in and play.

Bad news SE forgot to tell BT that its a game and not a P2P DL system.

As such between 6pm and midnight the game is unplayable as BT throttle my net connection to nothing.

Phoned BT and been told as I'm using P2P they will throttle me, I tell them its a game and they tell me I'm DL a P2P content.

Fuck it, guess I'm out.

Laine or someone had that. Apparently running a VPN will stop the throttling.

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Yeah, this is a common problem Sood and not one of SE's making (for a change). BT have been doing it for years but from posts on the Lodestone the parties seem to be in communication to resolve it. I remember Trion having to do it when Rift launched as that had exactly the same issues.

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Is there a server population list anywhere?

If these issues are going to continue then playing on a lower populated server may be a good idea. I remember someone saying earlier that the Free Company is only in its early stages so we wouldn't be losing too much.

I would not be opposed to a server move.

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Had a blast doing Sastasha last night. Plus our party of 3 Lalafells and a Mi'qote looked amazing!

Had a bit of trouble targeting mobs at one point, meaning one of our party died (sorry!). After that just concentrated on making with the healing.

Kinda wanted to instantly do the dungeon again.

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Ooh and sorry, forgot to ask. Is there any indicator on screen that shows enmity levels? Noticed a few times that I drew some attention from the baddies (I presume through doing too much healing).

On the far left of the party list there is a small white bar under the class icons. They fill as your enmity increases with each mob but you can only see this when you are targeting that mob.

Alternatively under the party list you have the health of all mobs that you are on the agro list of. Next to those are coloured icons that go from green (hardly any agro) to red (you're next!).

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