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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Official Server: Moogle)


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To be honest this much downtime on an early access should be compensated

:lol: Sorry, I shouldn't laugh but it's been 3 hours and they apologised beforehand because they knew there were going to be issues.

Fair enough it's a little frustrating and people are still unfortunately having issues, but compared to the clusterfuck that was the start of Phase 4, this has gone incredibly smooth for a number of people bar some initial hic cups.

Anyway, back in now. :)

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Update on the launcher:

While we were able to address the previous issue wherein players were unable to access instances, we conducted another investigation and confirmed that the issue was ongoing for a number of players.

We have been able to identify the cause of the issue and have started the recovery operations. Once we have tested the fix, we plan on conducting another emergency maintenance. We will follow up once we have a better idea on the time frame of the maintenance.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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I started installing the PS3 launcher just before 5pm. Now after 3 3/4 hours of insane registering codes, typing / changing a password 100 times and error / invalid messages I've got to the updater screen!

Shoot me now.

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What is an instance quest? Just had loads of people complaining about them while I was playing, but no idea what they are.

An instance is a version of the game world specific to a player or group of players. Take dungeons, for example: numerous groups can tackle a dungeon at the same time, but they don't share progress or bump into one another as each is within their own instance of that location.

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I've been trying every now and then to add you but I don't think I'm catching you online. :)

Oh do you need to be online to receive an invite? I just logged out for the day, I shall message you tomorrow. Thanks!

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Checking less popular posts on reddit I can see other people having the same issue. Grr. I don't want to ditch the drivers either If I can help it. It's a pain in the arse and the release ones are really old.

I have the same card and using 13.8 drivers and I've had only 2 crashes so far. Both seemed like it was the game's fault, it started lagging heavily, then froze and crashed. Didn't seem like a hardware issue.

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