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F1 2013 (360/PS3/PC - 4 October)


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Official website: http://www.formula1-game.com/uk

Official youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/formula1game

















We’re pleased to announce that this autumn sees the release of F1 2013 For the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC as part of our exclusive multi-year deal with Formula One World Championship Limited, the game will be available worldwide in two editions: F1 2013 and F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION.

F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION is a limited edition, premium package which includes F1 2013, featuring all new classic content from the 1980s, and is expanded with further content from the 1990s and additional Classic Tracks.

F1 2013 features all the cars, circuits and star drivers from the 2013 season, allowing gamers to race as Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes and Sergio Perez in the McLaren-Mercedes for the first time, and includes all of the new drivers, updated rules, tyre changes and remodelled handling to authentically reflect the challenge and exhilaration of racing 2013’s stunning roster of FORMULA ONE™ cars. A range of game enhancements, split-screen and online multiplayer, plus new and returning game modes, delivers the most complete FORMULA ONE experience in videogame history.

NEW Classic Content

F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION breaks new ground to include official classic FORMULA ONE content for the first time in the series in an expansive brand new game mode introduced by legendary broadcaster Murray Walker. F1 Classics allows players to race against a mixture of original drivers and renowned team legends in iconic cars and features four historical circuits. Classic content can be enjoyed across a range of game modes including quick race, a custom championship, time trial and in split-screen and online multiplayer modes. Players will race on grids featuring FORMULA ONE cars and drivers from different eras, experiencing the differing handling characteristics and feeling the evolution of technology over the years, providing an eye-opening contrast to the cars simulated from the 2013 season.

F1 Classics: 1980s Content includes (included in standard & classic edition):

  • Five iconic cars from Ferrari, Williams & Lotus
  • Ten legendary drivers including Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, Gerhard Berger and others
  • Circuito De Jerez – Former host of the Spanish GRAND PRIX™
  • Brands Hatch – Legendary former home of the British GRAND PRIX

F1 Classics: 1990s Pack Content includes (included in classic edition only):

  • Six Iconic cars from Ferrari & Williams
  • A host of famous drivers including David Coulthard, Eddie Irvine, Alain Prost, Jacques Villeneuve and others

Classic Tracks Pack includes (included in classic edition only):

  • Imola – Former host of the San Marino GRAND PRIX
  • Estoril – Past home of the Portuguese GRAND PRIX
  • All The Official 2013 Content Reflecting what is shaping up to be one most exciting seasons yet, F1 2013 will feature all the cars, circuits and stars from the 2013 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™.

Hot Lap Gameplay

We've got two Hot Lap videos of Silverstone and Nürburgring featuring in game footage of F1 2013 and commentary from Anthony Davidson (see Marmite post below).

Expanded Young Driver Test

Based on the real world event, the Young Driver Test based at Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina, where young drivers set out to earn a drive in FORMULA ONE, is expanded and tuned to ease novice players into the world of FORMULA ONE. Day One will use tutorials and explanatory videos to get new players quickly racing competitively. Day Two sets a series of increasingly demanding challenges, inviting repeat plays as gamers set to improve their score and master elite driving techniques, and unlock further race seats for their career.

Mid-Session Saves

Mid-session saves allows players to experience a complete long race weekend at their own pace rather than commit the 180 minutes plus session time required to complete a race weekend in one go.

Grand Prix Mode Returns

F1 2013 reinstates the Single Player Championship Mode. Players can once again step into the shoes of their favourite driver and race in a single race or complete a full or custom FORMULA ONE season in the pursuit of racing glory.

Full RaceNet Integration

Codemasters’ free Community Hub RaceNet will extend players’ FORMULA 1 experience in the game and beyond the box. F1 2012 launched with RaceNet in beta mode and has already seen over 36 million races completed by registered members. In F1 2013, RaceNet which launched in full with GRID 2™, will offer connected players regular in-game challenges, scenarios, community-wide challenges, visual stats and game progress updates to compare with their friends. Access for players is free via desktop, mobile or via dedicated apps allowing players to stay connected to their F1 2013: CLASSIC EDITION experience, and their progress in other Codemasters racing games, wherever they are.

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Looking forward to seeing what we've got lined up for us!

Standard yearly reminder: if you like a bit of the ol' F1 and have a 360, check out the RLLMUK F1 league over in the Online Racing folder. We'll be running the 360 version of '13 for our next season and anyone who fancies joining in either for that or for some other more casual fun stuff is welcome!

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Depending on it being format-specific or not, we'll also be wanting the EDITION, er... edition! Maybe.


The way Codies are going, that'll be the only one with any tracks included.

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Intrigued to see the 1980's car they have Emmo driving - he only drove one that decade, and it was rubbish!

Looks good though :)

EDIT: Actually, Emmo did drive another F1 car during the 1980's. If any other F1 nerd (I am looking at you, Dudley!) can tell me which one it was then I will be impressed!

I'll be even more impressed, in an obscure and nerdy way, if said car has been plucked from obscurity to feature in the game (it won't have been).

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I'm obviously buying it anyway but looking forward to having a nose around the classic cars/tracks.

Looking at the onboards you can brake later now & more in line with real life. Potentially more downforce, T1 at Silverstone is now flat.

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Those hot lap videos look very, very similar to 2012 - I guess thats the problem not trading up to next gen consoles. The sound of the cars was also particularly dissapointing, really weak. Hopefully thats something that is going to be ramped up significantly before release.

Some footage of a couple of the classic cars here, with some commentary from Paul Jeal: http://uk.gamespot.com/shows/now-playing/?event=f1-2013-20130715&tag=Topslot;Slot1

Really not feeling the overall look and feel at this stage, I was hoping for a new direction.

Good news: Tyre scaling back in (mentioned at 13.30). Footage in the Red Bull at Monza just after this point looks decent, but again almost indistinguishable from 2012 (possibly a bit smoother? Assuming its still 30 FPS though). Ability to tailor starting fuel is spoken about, although not sure how this is different to what we have now though.

So yeah, classic stuff definitely seems to be the main event. Unsurprising thats its an alternative version of the game and includes DLC given Codies recent form.

Wonder if we will get a demo again this year?

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EDIT: Actually, Emmo did drive another F1 car during the 1980's. If any other F1 nerd (I am looking at you, Dudley!) can tell me which one it was then I will be impressed!

Hmm, the tail end of his career in the hell of his brother's team made the 80s, but I have no idea if he had a one off anywhere less shit.
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Nerdy F1 fact of the day:

Emmo tested the 1984 Spirit, alongside the rather obscure Fulvio Ballabio (hence the Topolino sponsorship on the car in this picture).

Emmo decided the car, having lost its Honda turbo to Williams, was too crap and pulled out of the deal. The FIA decided Ballabio was too crap and didn't give him a Super License, killing off the sponsorship money.


So... er... another of my 'fascinating' F1 facts for you there.

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If they get the MP4-4 with Senna in there I'll loose my shit.

Confirmed for no Senna (Steve Hood somewhere on the internet earlier). Not sure about the McLaren's, but its odd that they haven't been mentioned if they are going to be in there...

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The idea of half the Classic content being restricted to the Premium edition or add-on DLC if you buy the Standard is shameful, imo. Unless the standard edition is priced more cheaply than a normal 360/PS3 release and the Premium is at standard pricing, of course. And pigs may fly.

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Codemasters are just matching what EA did last year with Tiger Woods where all of the classic courses and golfers were only included as part of an outrageously expensive Special Edition which was Game exclusive in this country. I'll stick with 2012 for now.

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I've been looking around for prices too and if that Shopto one is more than a temporary marker, I'll be hoping for another twenty percent discount for early orders with Sainsbury's this year or waiting. Partly because of the cost, I don't 'do' DLC and that's simply too much for me. For several reasons and despite really wanting to, I can't rate this series up with the best PC games I've known that continue to hold up despite their age. Beyond even a love of open-wheel racing and older Formula One, especially with the console version, I am in this for the fun and privilege of running with you guys on Tuesdays and if it's done well, probably want the old cars and tracks more than any part of the main (i.e. off-line) game - but I won't make it at that price. It'd still be a lot (to me) with the discount.

Particularly nowadays and amongst those younger than I am, I know many gamers in general won't agree but it's sadly underlining an old and now common feeling of being a money-sponge - something by no means solely a games phenomenon.

Disappointing but expected, I suppose and it's going to be a shame if it ends up being another game of division between those who do or don't have the content when wanting to race together on-line (again, not unique to productions from Codemasters).

Time to watch some videos (and whatever package, it'll still be worth it for RLLMUK seasons).


At this point in time, Senna can't happen. As already said, it has been confirmed on the Codemasters F1 forum. There's a good chance that it's due to exclusivity with the as-yet unseen Senna game by Reiza Studios that was announced almost two years ago.

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