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League 1 Dressing Room Thread - Season 31

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I was back in action tonight against Tigerdave

Didn't take as much a battering as ze Legendary one thankfully!

Home I lost 1-3

Away I lost 7-1

Was quite surprised with the home result actually :oNeed to play Big Gus and scoooot in the next 48 hrs if poss

Good games against Goaty.

The first game Chelsea were giving me very little time on the ball and I had to work hard to get my goals.Gomez broke the deadlock on 4 minutes with a penalty but Ba equalized on 30minutes with a breakaway which he smashed into the back of the net.Gomez took Bayern into the lead on 61 minutes but failed to add to that when he ad a penalty saved on 64 minutes.The win was secured on 74 minutes when Gomez scored with his head.

The second game Bayern had an easier time of it and raced into a 3 -0 halftime lead with goals from Dante 8 mins,Kroos 30mins and Ribery 32 mins.

They took that form into the second half with Gomez getting a hat trick and Robben adding to the goal tally.Chelsea had the last word however when a defender missed a tackle and allowed Hazard a free run on goal on 81 minutes and the Belgian made no mistake.

Well played Goaty especially in the first game.You pressed and competed really well and you made it much harder to break you down.I think you did get a red card in that game in the second half which made it more difficult for you but well played.

Good luck with the rest of your games mate.

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How do explain this one? Just played Big Gus and lost 1-6. But won! 1-2 away :)

Generally I feel comfortable playing Gus, but recently I've been experimenting and trying 4-4-2 holding formation. Which leaves me a bit wobbly but with better strike chances. This Completely undid me in game one with Gus. Humph! Losing 1-6.

Sooo.. I went back to my old faithful. 5-3-2 formation for game two. And look at the difference...

We won 1-2 :)

Man that first game... Should have gone 5-3-2 ....

Still thank fuck I've got some points on the table. I was getting quite worried!

Thanks for the games mr Gus!

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Good games Mr goat thanks as always. Still in home pc limbo so getting on the league site is tricky.

Will be on live from 7pm again Monday-Thursday this week not sure who I have waiting now. My tag is big gus73 and I'll clear some space later.

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Played NorthernIrish last night. Sorry for the short report but resorting to using my mobile while I still remember the scores.

First game at his place ended one nil to the Arsenal. The lad NI seemed to have adopted the Arsenal way near walking it into the net after dancing past my direct defensive style. I wasn't making many chances but when I did string some passes and stretch arsenal my attempts to finish were either feeble or saved. As time went on I started to tackle with a bit more ability and there were moments when the home side hung on with pinball in their box. Made for a grandstand finish but the stats showed ni was in control for long periods. Exciting close game!

Second game was ironically more open but over in the first half as NI smashed in 3 great finishes, most from outside the box. I gave as good as I got at times but again met a keeper in inspired form. Game ended 4 or 5 nil but had I taken some clear chances it could have been a close thriller. Cheers for the matches.

Hannay can you play this week? Should get a chance to confirm scores tomorrow.

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I've got on the league site tonight and updated with all my results. I have pete brant and Deadrussian left to play. Sorry for the lack of match reports on these but I've tussled with Hannay and NorthernIrish in the past week or so and came up pointless in all 4 matches but fairly close games despite the scores on paper maybe not showing that. Both sets of games were fairly similar I pushed really close one game but played looser and was more soundly beaten in the other. Thanks for the games, chaps.

I'll only be on live Thursday evening this week and I know that's not ideal - from about 7.30 and if you can post in the thread to arrange times I'd prefer that as still resorting to mobile browsing and the pm's don't agree with it. Be on from about 7.30pm till fairly late that evening.

I'll make sure I have you guys added and I'm sure we'll get should have some weekend availability, especially Sunday, confirm that on Thursday or Friday. Sure I'll manage to get something sorted with both of you in the next 12 days as more free in the evenings next week.

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Sorry for the lack of match reports on these but I've tussled with Hannay and NorthernIrish in the past week or so and came up pointless in all 4 matches but fairly close games despite the scores on paper maybe not showing that.

Whoever gets the points advantage should be the one doing a report anyway mate! At least you've posted a lot in the thread unlike some.

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Whoever gets the points advantage should be the one doing a report anyway mate! At least you've posted a lot in the thread unlike some.

well "unlike some" of us chief, we play before work or after, plus fit games in between family stuff and sometimes its hard to get on to post results/match reports, never mind keeping up with other life stuff and in the end it gets forgotten. The way i see it as long as the results are confirmed on the website and you turn up for your games, who really cares?? half the time after the game has finished i never remember what the fuck happened anyways :lol: i just remember if i won or not and what the score was, thats only coz i jot them down on a bit paper :lol: anyways the match reports are only for you to get a better place in the team picking order is it not?? i dont care if i am bottom of the picking order, just as long as i am playing and having a bit of fun....

not trying to sound like a prick, but if i do, well i am sorry!

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Good games against Hannay.The first game at the Nou camp ended in stalemate at 1-1 but I have to say I was abit disappointed not to take all 3 points from this one.Barcelona took the lead on 23 minutes when a neat pass to Villa in the box resulted in the midfielder beating Neur into the far corner.After that goal it was all Bayern really and an equalizer followed on 45 minutes when a cross from Robben was met with a header from Gomez.The second half was again all Bayern and how I didn't get a winner I will never know .The woodwork was rattled numerous times and an amazing clear cut chance when Gomez was clean through was saved

.In all I had 17 shots on goal so some woeful finishing was my problem in this game.

The second game was much more straightforward for Bayern with a 3-1 win at the Allianz arena.Goals from Gomez on 13 minutes and Ribery on 16 minutes put the Germans in control early on.A long shot by Villa from a tight angle on 71 minutes however was palmed into his own net by Neur to make things a little tense for the final 20 minutes.An earlier red card for Alves though was making things a little easier for Bayern and Gomez quickly replied on 73 minutes with another header from a Robben cross to seal the points for the home team.

Well played Hannay.Good luck in your last two games.

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20a4caf.gif Get it out of your system scooot, let it all out big man :lol:

I don't really care either, a 3 year old could probably do my reports, the only reason I feel the need is to stop the thread falling off the first page!

:lol: sorry dude had a shitty day and just finished a 12 hour shift, so was in kinda of a mood :lol:

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Just completed my season with 2 games against Dead Russian and his Tottenham team.

Both we're entertaining games with the first game proving to ba a real goal fest.In an even first half Bayern edged it going into halftime with a 2-3 lead after both teams exchanged goals in 5 to 10minute intervals.The second half saw Bayern gain the advantage with goals from Kroos on 70minutes and Robben on 79 minutes .Spurs didn't lie down after that though and got a 3 rd goal from Sandros on 81 minutes to make the final score 3-5.

The second game again saw both teams going out with an attacking game and Gomez got the breakthrough on 40 minutes when a neat lobbed pass found the German in acres of space and he drilled the ball into the back of the net at the near post.

The second half was a cagey affair with both teams having chances but Ribery got the crucial second goal for Bayern on 90 minutes when a pass from Martinez found him in the box and a neat turn fooled a defender and he scored in the top far corner of the net to make the final score 2-0 to the German team.

Good games Dead Russian ,well played and good luck with the rest of your games.Thats my season complete apart from the Europa cup final & play offs and despite a mini slump in the middle part it has been an enjoyable season.Thanks to everyone for some good games and good luck for the first season on Fifa 14!

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This league's mental.

Just played Gus, who followed the game by asking if I played with custom setting. Answered "no". as I don't, then told me to call the game 3-0 and told me I can't follow the rules and that custom isn't allowed. Waited around a fair while after his invite, but got no response to my messages, so left without completing the second game as I've got work to do this evening.

No idea what he thinks I've done. I'll try and play 4ndo to finish my fixtures, but kind of just finding this hard work. It's a right chore! Not mention Gus had a massive sulk during that match by passing the ball along the backline for around 20 minutes. That's not the fun I was promised when I signed up.

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OK so you invited me to a game and during the time it takes me to set the formation I only have a finite time to change the squad but in recent weeks I've only needed to change the online squad a tiny bit (change Menez to LW and drop Lavente out for the more recent signing).

I looked at the squad but it was not right there was players in there I've not seen this season. Was there a squad update? I've not played the game for a few weeks so I assume so - there's been no fannying around with the "squad - online" rule with everyone else I've played. I played it around for a bit because there was a host of players in the midfield and at the back I've never even had in the team in my preceding 12 matches. So I get to thinking that I don't remember a squad update as it does make you move an "no" to "yes" to overwrite squads and we never did that.

I'm thinking when I invite you to a rematch it's going to ask me for a squad update. It does. A big one. I say thanks for wasting my time in hosting a 'hooky' game at that point. As I've said to you in pm I don't even think you took much advantage in the way you played as Spurs looked like spurs you took chances with pace and style.

In a way that's what ,makes it annoying you never stuck by what were simple rules in hosting your game. I was at a disadvantage as I wouldn't have played that squad and had players in it who I've never even heard of.

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Deadrussian maybe never changed the setting for online squads and just left it as default maybe?? think I had the same prob, looked at my squad and it was not right, some players missing and all I did was just quit out before the game started and started again, easy mistake to make to be honest and if yah noticed your team was not right before kick off, yah should have backed out before the game started, but anyways these things happens I suppose :lol:

do yah think its time for some POPCORN????


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The rules.

If you read the first post in the thread it links you to them.

You got 2 wins out of it anyway as no time to play people who bend the rules and cheat in a 'friendly' league. Stewards enquiry on your other home games as well since a few lines of txt was obviously too much for you to handle in your first season back when you have played in the league before...

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Christ. You've implied I've purposely cheated you and everyone else, which I've told you repeatedly isn't the case. I'm happy for everyone to have six points from me this season from the games we played as a gesture of how little my success in this league means to my life. As I said to you already, I play in the league because I like the forum and I like the game, not because beating a bunch of strangers at online soccer gives me sexy thrills (it does a bit). How you got to 39 by being positively outraged all the time and feeling "cheated" at such trivial matters is beyond me.

Want me to apologise again? Totes sorry, Gus.

Me and 4ndo had some good tight edgy games. He took the first 2-1 and I edged the second 1-0. Probably a fair result 3 points each.

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110d2sn.gif4ndo 7 - 0 Goaty2dt14zq.jpg

Goaty maybe got 2 red cards in this game.

2dt14zq.jpgGoaty 0 - 4 4ndo110d2sn.jpg

Bit tighter this one due to no red cards, Goaty played better and came close a couple of times.

Played these over a week ago. Even though you played 5 at the back I thought your defending/pressing was good at times mate! If your going to practice more like you said in the sign-up thread you should work on the attack, one two pass etc.


Tense 1st half which ended 0-0? I had a brill 1on1 chance that the keeper saved. 2nd half I scored a nice goal with a neat move in the box, Spurs equalised with a bit of a fortunate goal, Buffon punched the ball clear and it fell nicely for DR to compose a nice finish around the helpless keeper. Then near the end of the game I rifled a shot into the top corner in the box to seal victory.


This game was decided by an own goal, my defender cleared the ball off the line but unfortunately Buffon was staring down his throat and the ball bounced off him, defender and in. Strangely thats 1 og I've conceded in every comp, 1 against G in the L cup, 1 against Saint which knocked me out of the Europa and then this one. I was actually shocked to see the stats saying I had 2 shots! I was going for that clinical goal far too much, could of had more shots and had a couple of beast chances that the Spurs defenders just about snuffed out with their big toes.

Good games mate! I thought the 2nd game should maybe have been a draw but with the way you played over the 2 games then 3pts each was very fair indeed.

Wasn't too far away from going unbeaten this season, 3 one nil defeats, 90th min corner vs scooot, bobble fest vs Pete and og vs DR. All ifs buts and maybes but still :blah:

Cheers for the season lads, some close games!

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