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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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7 hours ago, Gabe said:

But that's my point - for large parts of last season Mane and Firmino weren't good enough and horribly out of form, but because we don't have any options from the bench they continued to play and contributed nothing. If we got somebody good enough, they would get regular games and rotated, just like Jota is.

I get what you are saying and ideally we could have someone like Werner on the bench along with Jota, but it doesn't look like the club is willing to go that way or we can't get the right quality in that is happy to play second fiddle (even with rotation it still would be a smaller amount of games they'd play).


Jota is the rotation choice, last year sadly he was injured along with most of the squad.


I wonder if a lot comes down to not disrupting the harmony of the team? I really don't know, but the window is shut and we'll just have to get behind the squad and get on with it until January at least.

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1 hour ago, Azrael said:

Do we still have Minamino? If so give him more games! 

5I brahima Konate

6 Alcantara Thiago

(s 74')

Naby Keita

12 Joe Gomez

15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

18 Takumi Minamino

20 Diogo Jota

(s 43')

21 Konstantinos Tsimikas

(s 86')

62 Caoimhin Kelleher



That was the bench against Chelsea.

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1 hour ago, Azrael said:

Do we still have Minamino? If so give him more games! 

The thing with him is that, if I remember correctly, when he impressed against us in the CL a couple of years ago he was played more as an out and out winger (a position we don't use), whereas when he's had games here it's been more as Firmino's replacement, which I'm not sure is his best role.

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18 hours ago, Chewylegs said:

1. Salah

2. Mane

3. Bobby

4. Jota

5. Origi.


Now Origi isn't good enough, we all know that but unless you are going to find a 19 year old from no where (Any suggestions?) who is better than any of the other young strikers we've had, it's going to be hard to persuade someone worthwhile to come. That first 4 isn't going to be shifted unless you brought in someone on big money.  Then you've got the problem of having one of them sat on the bench more often than not.  I don't think Liverpool's business model is like City's or Chelsea's where they can pay big for squad players.


We'll just have to see how the season goes and judge then I suppose.


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Not sure a goal record of 2 in 30 in Ligue 1 is an upgrade on what we have.


In the end though, the board has its reasons and I'm really not overly fussed as very little is missing from this Championship winning, record breaking squad in my eyes.

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