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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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I think that with the results at Old Trafford last season, this season and last night, Klopp has finally stopped being so timid in those away games and we have reaped the results. Previously he has gone to those grounds and the team has been a bit more in its shell, with it being more a 'don't lose' approach that has resulted in a lot of draws.


Now, though, the team has been more on the front-foot and it has been rewarded not just with wins, but 13 goals in the last 2 games vs Man Utd and last night. Long may it continue! 

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Think what was most pleasing was that after conceding a sloppy goal, and looking like the game might be a bit of a dogfight, the side found another few gears.

Some of the passing interchanges in the second half ripped Everton apart, and completely took away any momentum from them. Obviously Coleman (and Pickford) made a mistake for our third but the initial error came from controlled, purposeful aggression.


Game was fucking mint.

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You're playing with so much confidence. The way you play those balls to Mane and Salah by blasting them as hard and fast as you can. Just the intent of it. I will always think it's better to have issues with defending than scoring because scoring brings confidence. People will say conceding leads knocks confidence but in the nearly season with Rodgers it just encouraged the front 3 to score again.


This is going to be the tightest 3 way battle for the league we'll see in years I think. I think it will go down to the final day between all 3 and maybe even goal difference. 


I always find this thread funny because they'll be posts during games that try to pretend you're not supporting a team that score 4 nearly every game. Yeah there's the odd game where you're off it, and you're fans who expect the worst but, like the Africa Cup of Nations is not remotely a big deal yet I'm sure some will be all pessimistic about it. Chelsea lost their 2 forwards and coped. City lost De Bruyne, Torres, Foden. If it's Chamberlain, Firmino, Jota, Origi for 2-4 (?) games I don't think that's a disaster.


13 goals, 9 assists with nearly two thirds of the season left is ridiculous. Just to be on course* to break both the goal and assist record in one season after doing similar numbers for years.


*not that it figures he will. 


That one he rolled past the keeper as he was falling was Messi-esque, that ability to score from difficult angles by releasing the ball at the exact moment and making it seem like scoring is just inevitable because a level of perfection is being reached. Although a bit like when Lingard turned into Maradona when he arrived on loan at West Ham by possessing all the goal scoring powers of Haaland who mysteriously stopped scoring at the time, it has meant every other normally good striker except Vardy has become rubbish this season. 

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