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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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I think one of the biggest challenges in the Summer will be keeping all of the front-3. If they do stay, then I think another striker to offer something different from the bench is needed and allow proper rotation along with Jota. The midfield will I guess depend on who stays and who is shipped off. Defensively will be shaped by what happens with what deals are currently in place and whether Oblak stays.


At the very least I think there is a pool of players potentially ending their stay due to the club's choice: Williams, Phillips, Matip, Shaqiri and Origi. Others I think might be players seeking transfers. Could be a very big transfer window for the club.

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You didn't clarify which Williams but both are young and have a decent future at the club if they can progress in my opinion. The others I agree with, they'll end up surplus to requirements.


Wijnaldum will also be leaving so central midfield definitely requires a signing or two.


As for the front three, I'm not sure it's a big issue whether they stay or not. I think at least one of Salah or Mane will leave and there isn't much the club can do about it other than find a young replacement who will also appreciate in value. If anything a big sale will create the opportunity to spend the kind of money required to buy the midfielder and forward the club will probably need.

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