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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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2 hours ago, glb said:

Yeah but those teams had to spend to catch-up. Side-by-side only Chelsea have a squad approaching Liverpool and City. Arsenal, Spurs and Man United are strong first teams with, currently, little depth.

I of course, hope I’m wrong. Just sharing my worries. At least we’re in with a chance of competing with Man Utd’s penalty total this season. Especially if they’re all that soft. 

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1 minute ago, CheekyLee said:

Carragher suggesting that was a harsh penalty decision ...

I don’t disagree with it being a penalty, it hit his hand which blocked a shot, but that was clearly unintentional with no time to

move which always feels harsh to me. 

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6 minutes ago, sprite said:

I put Mane in my Fantasy team over Salah.


Same here, based on having Salah throughout the first month of last season when Mane was banging them in. There's still plenty of time, though, our chances are far from over.


This match showing exactly what Henderson brings, but also how much we get from Fabinho. 

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5 minutes ago, Oh Danny Boy said:

Salah loves a season opener. Klopp should get him hypnotised before every game to believe it’s the start of a new season. Would end it with 70 goals. 

Yeah Mo, it’s a shocking cold snap. Snow in August again! Who’d have thought? Climate change I guess. 

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