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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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we basically haven't, the club breaks even or even makes a net profit from time to time, no one is asking for billions - is it really too much to ask to bring in the likes of caicedo and fernandez before they move to europe and their fees jump fivefold?

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22 minutes ago, bradigor said:

Any trophy should be celebrated as very few teams actually get to win them. We have won everything possible in the last few years and we could even have a run at another UEFA cup next season to boot. 


We have been against a team that should be unstoppable every season and not for them we'd have won 3-4 more league titles in that time, surpassing the points totals of our greatest ever sides. 


But as it is we have fallen short a few times and it can hurt. But trust me, 99% of all those that mock is would love to be in our position over the last 5 or so years 

I think that's a separate thing. Yes, I'm immensely proud of what Klopp and the team has achieved - it's been phenomenal and provided immeasurable amounts of fun along the way. 


What I'm referring to it the legacy of this team when people look back over history and point at the greatest teams of their time; the best measure of consistent high performance is league titles with the odd cup - and I wonder where future fans and pundits will place this team in 10/20 years time?


Like, however they got there, it can't be considered a better team than Man City over the past 6/7 years, or can it? I mean they ran City close but still ultimately fell short (especially painful when it was in our own hands last season and 2013/14).


Does it compare to the best Man Utd or Arsenal teams of the PL era, or Busby's babes? Or the Chelsea of 2005-07? All of those won multiple league titles so in the same way many only regard Messi as a true great now he has a World Cup, I do think this team will always be considered very, very good, but not one of the true greats in history.

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I think my only two regrets from the Klopp era is 1) the title-winning side not going over 100 points when they very much should have done, claiming a brilliant record in the process, and 2) a subsequent season where supporters weren't in stadiums, so the title was never truly celebrated. Obviously there were far, far worse outcomes during the pandemic but in sporting terms, that period was one of real disconnect when, after 30 years, it should have been a nine-month beano.


How the team is eventually revered will very much depend on where they're being discussed. Go on a hellscape like Twitter and they'll tell you Blackburn was a better title-winning side (only one premier league title LOLZ!) and all our players are awful. A bit more of a considered context will put them as one of the best short-era sides, capable of breathtaking, cavalier football but with a gnawing sense of what might have been. Similar can be said about the recent European campaigns, and I'm still a little mystified at how the club didn't win a seventh European Cup last season.


However, winning six major trophies during a seven-year period is some going, and Klopp deserves enormous credit for doing it in a period where there has been a side as dominant as Manchester City. I suspect Arsenal will fall away in the league in the coming weeks, and Pep's side should make it five titles in six seasons. Our club gave everything to be more than just an exception, and I'll be forever grateful I got to see this side play for however many days I'm fortunate enough to live.

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That's a good point, @glb - there were a number of records up for grabs that would've stood for a while I reckon but by the same token it just further illustrates how far ahead Man City have been.


I like this as a snappy summary though (especially regarding last season where, like in 2013/14, we were in the box seat for the title):

2 hours ago, glb said:

A bit more of a considered context will put them as one of the best short-era sides, capable of breathtaking, cavalier football but with a gnawing sense of what might have been.

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Will sound very self entitled to other fans but the team of the last five years should have won another prem and champions league. If they did they’d have been considered arguably the greatest Liverpool side of all time. 

They were such an amazing team and a joy to support. A great side but just fell short of what they could have achieved. 

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I turned on a few minutes before the howler and already saw the team giving the ball away cheaply about 5 times :lol:


Gakpo is probably already wondering if the move to Man Utd could be resurrected :P

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We’ve entered our own banter years of late era Wenger at Arsenal. We even keep getting knocked  by the same side in the Champions League like they always did with Bayern.

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