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Liverpool Football Club Thread


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46 minutes ago, ryodi said:

Hopefully Konate is fit because a back four or Gomez Philips Van Dijk and Robertson does not fill me with much confidence.

Sadly it'll be time at the end of the season to decide that Matip just can't stay anymore as he is constantly injured.  He's like Daniel Agger MK2


Also, Robbo isn't even fit is he, so it'll be Tsimikas. 


2 seasons in the last 3 we've had serious defence injury problems and we know how it went 2 seasons ago.

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Last night I dreamt about our game with Rangers. Was 1 nil to us but then VvD got a straight red card for a stamp and kick in the 45th minute. Then in the first minute of the 2nd half Jota got a straight red for punching Morelos in the face. We then lost 5-1. 



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5 hours ago, Gotters said:

Seems to be 2 views on what Henderson said, the jump to conclusion being something racist (which seems out of keeping for him), I’d have thought Oliver would have sent him off for that.


The other being not racist but just one letter different, calling an unnamed premier league player who is on bail at present a rapist. 




On the first one, Oliver surely can't send him off for something he didn't personally hear. The second one makes no sense whatsoever.


Most of the accusations seem to be based off a photo of Firmino looking "disappointed" with Henderson (because obviously that's conclusive proof of racism, rather than a momentary facial expression that could mean anything, or absolutely nothing).


It's all just speculative bollocks.

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Who’s feeling confident? Not that we’ll win, but we’ll manage to go more than 30 minutes without any sort of hilarious defending?


Napoli currently doing us a huge favour though if the result in Glasgow isn’t great; sure they won’t come to Anfield to lose, but knowing they’re already through at least means their attention might be elsewhere.

Being average again means finding hollow positives!

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I think we'll win comfortably tonight. Line up showing 4-3-3 but I wonder if it is a 4-3-1-2 with Carvalho behind Bobby and Darwin. 


Henderson and Fabinho doesn't fill me with confidence right now, but should still be enough to get past Rangers tonight. 


Salah being dropped off a big cat but the right one I think considering his form. I noticed a moment at the weekend that was very un-Salah. Ball turned over and Salah just seemed non-plussed about chasing back despite being almost in tackling range of the ball carrier. This was in the first half too so fatigue shouldn't have been an issue. 


He needs a kick up the bum and hopefully this gets some fire lit before the weekend.



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6 minutes ago, bradigor said:

That's the sort of goal you expect from Salah. 


However, at least smile when you score. Something really looks up with him.


There's the smile! Just needed to score another two.

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