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Liverpool Football Club Thread - Home of the Curlett Cup Winners

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BT said eight on target. I’m no mathematician but seven out of eight is like 92.6% champion xG or something.


What was the best though? Loved Bobby’s first, Mane’s first and Salah’s second. Bobby’s first for the nonchalance I think.

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Lol at the usual crew in the Football threat trying to wind us up with the LDF stuff :lol:


Current PL champs, sat 5 points clear at the top, in the final 16 of the CL after having all those injuries and we just won 7-0 away. Everything pretty great right now.


Bless them for trying, I guess.

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1 hour ago, Azrael said:

When he is fit and ready to play again do you think Fabinho will move back into one of the 3 midfield spots? Because I think I'd prefer him to stay where he is. A VvD and Fabinho CB partnership could be Godly. 


I reckon we just buy a new CM to replace Fab and leave him at CB

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2 hours ago, Chewylegs said:

So, only Liverpool and Everton can have fans at the stadium on Boxing Day onwards....wait for the inevitable bitterness from other teams fans that it's unfair and Liverpool get all the advantage etc etc


It's such a weird thing to get mad at too. No one says a word about some clubs having stadiums twice the capacity of others. Almost as if football tribalism is completely irrational and hypocritical.

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